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Alisha | 13 Feb 2023

Amenities To Look For Elderly Family Members In A Residential Project

Amenities To Look For Elderly Family Members In A Residential Project

As one starts aging, slow down of the daily activities normally occurs. In the past few years, the awareness to stay fit and adopt healthy activities is pretty visible in India, and it has spread among elderly people as well. There's a shift in the mindset of senior citizens today. For them, the second innings of life begins after retirement, and they look forward to preparing themselves for new opportunities. And the preparation starts with staying fit and living in a healthy environment. ​

Having at least one family member who is a senior citizen or heading towards the old-age is normal. Hence, the homebuyers who are planning to live in a new address should take into account the type of amenities that will make the lives of elderly family members comfortable and convenient.

People in the present post-Covid era have developed a more conscious attitude towards their health and safety. The demand for homes that are well-equipped with health and safety features is bound to rise like never before. The emergency medical needs of senior citizens are on top priority. Hence, it is an opportunity for real estate developers to add senior citizen-friendly amenities and promote them in their housing projects.​

Take a look at some thoughtful amenities in a residential project that will fulfil the specific needs of the elderly and assist them to live with the utmost comfort:

1. Open and green spaces

The older people spend more time in their residence than the young ones who are often out of their home for various reasons. Hence, they need to live in a healthy environment. Besides the home interiors, the surrounding features also matter. Breathing issues are common among senior citizens. Exposure to open and green spaces is associated with health benefits such as less stress, greater life satisfaction, lower risk of cardiovascular disease, etc. Hence, choose your new address that has open and green spaces consisting of grass, bushes, trees, and air-purifying plants.

2. Parks and seating arrangements

The presence of at least one park for the well-being of the residents has become quite a norm in contemporary residential projects in India. Currently, a lot of megaprojects are providing parks with different themes. A park with reflexology paths is one of the popular themes considering the health benefits of walking barefoot. Elderly people can indulge in walking, jogging, meditating, exercising, or just relax by sitting in the park. Outdoor seating arrangements are another friendly features to provide comfort when enjoying the outdoor views of greenery and beautiful landscape.

3. Cafes within the complex

Moving out of the complex in search of a social place like a cafe can be tiresome for elderly people. Let them have this facility within the complex where they can spend some quality time with the loved ones and enjoy good food & beverages.

4. Check medical facilities​

A location that is close to hospitals is highly recommended to the homebuyers, especially those who have elderly members in the family. But what if a residential project is also equipped with some medical facilities? Isn't that more thoughtful? Ask your salesperson if the recommended project has medical facilities such as ambulance service, doctor on call, medical shop, etc.

5. Social space for wellness

Socialising becomes more important when one gets older. An active social life leads to a happier and healthier life. It keeps elderly people away from loneliness and stress. A sense of community living is essential for their well-being. A housing society with a party lawn, community hall, clubhouse where social gatherings are often arranged will enrich their lives in every way.


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