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alisha | 24 Dec 2019

The Biggest Trends In Luxury Residential Real Estate In India

The Biggest Trends In Luxury Residential Real Estate In India

The swimming pool was once a facility only selective builders gave in their premium housing projects in India. It was indeed one of the luxury amenities and a significant factor for selling homes in residential real estate. Today, it is available in almost all the projects across the country - mid, affordable, and luxury segments. Real estate market has become a safe bet for investment. The government-led policies like RERA have strengthened homebuyers' rights. With the ever-growing purchasing power of citizens, the definition of luxury seems to have broadened and upgraded. Hence, real estate developers are undergoing construction of residential projects to suit the needs of ambitious buyers. Learn about the game-changing trends emerging in the luxury segment.

1. Not just impressives homes, but the luxury real estate overall nurtures wellness of each resident 

Wellness and wellbeing lie in the core of luxury homes built at present. Maintaining the right fitness level and living in a pollution-free environment are the choices made by well-informed home seekers. Therefore, not only the amenities provided within the residence but the location equally plays a role. The latest trend shows the popularity of those areas which are well-connected yet less crowded. Builders, on their part, provide an environment filled with greens, air-purifying plants, gardens, and everything that facilitates healthy living. The presence of several fitness studios and sports facilities, on the other hand, ensure fitness in everyday routine.

2. The influence of International decor and style statement

While realising what a high profile buyer aspires for, the affluent realty developers in India have collaborated with the best of international architectural firms, landscape designers, and other experts. High-end projects like M3M Woodshire and DLF The Ultima in Gurgaon define the new-age luxury with their unique decor, taste and lifestyle amenities. Penthouses, condominiums, villas, and resort-like homes are high on demand in the luxury segment. Such homes come along with a personal gym, pool, jacuzzi, and other mind-blowing services. 

3. The ever-evolving technology is a key factor  

The change brought by technology is felt at every type of housing segment. Higher the price of a residential property, more will be the presence of smart technology. How cool and convenient will it be to control the kitchen appliances, entertainment devices, lighting, and safety system by an app in your smartphone. More and more buyers are willing to invest in luxury living spaces with smart technology. So, next time you go on to check features in a luxury property, you will surely find a home automation system, digital door lock, wifi pods, gas leak detector, etc.  

4. Special services differentiate luxury homes from the rest

In metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru, luxury homes are judged beyond the high price. Special services like concierge and hospitality make a difference in the lifestyle. Such 5-star services are capable of getting things done within a few minutes. Individuals living in plush homes are assisted at almost everything, and they only need to make a phone call. Need a butler, arranging flight tickets or movie tickets, and housekeeping experts are some of the services one can expect while buying a luxury segment property.


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