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18 Jul 2018

Take A Sneak Peek Inside Parineeti Chopra's Sea-View Apartment

Take A Sneak Peek Inside Parineeti Chopra's Sea-View Apartment

The bubbly actress Parineeti Chopra is known for her stellar performances. But do you know where does she rest in after she finishes her work? Well, on a fantastic sea-view apartment in Bandra that is nothing short from a beautiful dream. Well, for now, let’s take a tour around her home designed by Shabnam Gupta of The Orange Lane

Drama Queen

When you enter her gorgeous house, the entrance passageway has a lot of quirky details like three miniature guitars on the wall key holder and a unique key holder that spells out ‘drama, queen’. It’s a cool space; isn’t it? Image Source - cloudfront.net

The Beautiful Living Room

Parineeti Chopra’s living room is a space where you will find a comfortable couch, funky cushions and a lot of greenery. Don’t miss the art work on cushions, the side cabinets & the ottoman stool which is being used as a coffee table in the center– it ties the entire room together! And the view from the balcony… MAGICAL! <3 Image Source - zingyhomes.com

Peaceful Balcony

Every Mumbaikar knows that during rain, sea-view apartments have to close their doors and windows, otherwise the water will enter your apartment! Well, to keep this thing in mind, the blinds in her balcony will ensure the actress can enjoy the Mumbai rains without ruining her furniture and flooring! Image Source - pokyshop.com

A Vertical Garden

On the other end of the balcony is a vertical garden and a jhoola seat. The pebbled stone pathway and the wooden flooring in the balcony creates a comfortable outdoor space. Well, must say…GIRLS LIKE TO SWING! Image Source - pokyshop.com

The Entertainment Room

Parineeti dedicated one room to the entertainment room which she can work in peace and rehearse a scene. This sound-proof room has patterned sliding doors with tripod shaped lamps on both side, open up to reveal the entertainment room. Image Source - architecturaldigest.in

An Ideal Spot For Activities

The entertainment room has stylish white shelves that are divided into a trophy display unit, a DVD collection space and a dedicated area for books and nothing can be better than this blue sofa which looks ultra-comfy for any of such activities. Image Source - architecturaldigest.in

A Wall Of Book Covers

She is a book lover and the proof is her wall which is covered with her favorite novels and comic books covers. This area serves as an ideal reading space! Image Source - cloudfront.net



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