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Gaurav Srivastava | 05 Nov 2019

4 Amazing Benefits Of Keeping Tulsi Plant At Home (Updated)

4 Amazing Benefits Of Keeping Tulsi Plant At Home (Updated)

TulsiTulsiSignificance of Tulsi plant or holy basil extends to several facets. As per Hindu belief, Tulsi is the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. Hence, one touches this plant with a hope to purify from the sins. Tulsi leaves in the kitchen are used in a variety of food preparation for enhancement purpose. An ancient herb with medicinal properties, Tulsi is used in skincare, cough, fever, stress, etc.

1. Auspicious aspects of Tulsi plant if you keep one at home

Most of the Indian families keep the Tulsi plant in their homes. This sacred plant is believed to spread positive vibrations in and around your home. People either worship the whole plant or few leaves are offered to Gods during prayers. The right way of taking care of the plant brings good health and lots of wealth. Hence, let Tulsi be a part of every significant activity you perform.

2. The ideal location of Tulsi at your home to attract happiness and healthy ambience

The rules of Vastu Shastra are meant to guide you in a right way. The most important rule is to place the tulsi plant, where sunlight is sufficient. You can keep it either in balcony or window. You have the freedom to grow it in the backyard and front too. Choose the eastern side of your home as the location of Tulsi. A balcony or window in the north or north-east direction will equally work.

3. Dos and don'ts about Tulsi plant you should strictly adhere to

Do not pluck Tulsi leaves on Sundays as it is inauspicious. Proper care is required for Tulsi, along with regular watering. Once the leaves or plant gets dried out, replace them with the new ones to avoid bad luck. The best way to dispose of is in the holy river. Seen as a female plant, it's a complete no-no to keep thorny bushes or plants close to Tulsi. Only flowering plants are allowed.

4. A Tulsi Vrindavan completes your home, learn its importance and benefits

The platform where you are placing Tulsi should be higher than your home's foundation. Wish to keep more than one Tulsi plant? Make sure to keep in odd numbers. The surrounding space of the plant should be kept clutter-free, with no dirt at all. Light a Diya near Tulsi Vrindavan every evening to ward off evils. Worshipping Tulsi Vrindavan early morning helps in killing infections in the body.

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