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14 Mar 2019

Simple Ways To Transform Your Home Into A Stress-Free Haven

Simple Ways To Transform Your Home Into A Stress-Free Haven

Do you feel happy or calm when you walk into your house? In today's busy world stress is always present, the thing we can do is make sure that our house should feel like a relaxing haven that allows you to recharge. Here are some tips for making your house a relaxing retreat where "No Stress Allowed":

Welcome Windows

We are living in a toxic world –inhaling and absorbing toxic air all the time that can create dangerous disease and disharmony. Unfortunately, the air inside your home is 2 to 4 times more toxic than the air outdoors. Therefore, it is important to open your windows each day to get fresh air. If you don't open it, you increase the chance of more pollutants. Image Source :- pbs.twimg.com

Remove electronic disturbances

These days, electronic devices are the major source of distraction. If you want to construct a space that supports peace and harmony then hide all electronic devices, wires, and cables that could distort the peaceful atmosphere of the entire space. You can design a space with designated areas for different activities.

Bring in calmness with air-purifying plants

Plants have a calming effect and their soothing green colours have the ability to light up your space. Whether these plants are on the windowsill or hanging from the ceiling, they will naturally purify the air. Try buying low-maintenance air purifying plants as they only require watering at once a week and can be included in zen decor. Image Soure :- organicauthority.com

Bust that clutter

Clutter can inhibit relaxation as it produces physical as well as unconscious chaos. Looking at clutter is never going to relax you at any time. Use storage boxes to help organise items such as shoes and out-of-season clothes and keep only essentials in an organized way. And add only those things which can bring your extra comfort. Image Source :- cottagesandbungalowsmag.com

Play with soft and natural light

If you want a completely relaxing space, replace harsh fluorescent lights with nature-inspired calming or candle lights. You can place different sources of light that can allow you to control the intensity and the entire area will be filled with light. We need natural light as it suddenly boosts your mood, makes you more relaxed, and promotes calmness.

Cozy Textures

To create a stress-free environment, it is important for you to feel comfortable in your house. Think cozy blankets, soft pillows and cushions, cozy rugs – it will make you feel cozy and warm – and it can reduce stress and worry. Cozy textures will not only make you feel more relaxed but will also make your space look more inviting.



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