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05 Feb 2021

Revamp The Study Station & Make Study Time More Fun For Your Kids

Revamp The Study Station & Make Study Time More Fun For Your Kids

We have been spending more and more time indoors as a way of staying safe from the infection of coronavirus. Hence, it's important to make our time at home more productive and enjoyable. Along with adults, the little ones have equally suffered. Let us help them beat the boredom at home with our fun ideas.

A study station with maximum natural light will keep your kids refreshed and energised

With schools remaining closed, the kids have been managing their studies from home. The study station has likely turned into a full-time classroom where parents are assisting them in their online and offline classes. Whether you wish to turn an entire room into a study station or dedicate a small space within your kid's bedroom. Image Source: imagesvc.meredithcorp.io

What effect do colours have on your kids in the environment they study?

The colours used in the study station walls certainly affect kids of all ages, and most importantly the younger ones. Prefer to paint the room with those colours that help to focus on learning and relaxation. Off-whites, soft blues, and light greens build a positive frame of mind. On the other hand, bright colours promote playfulness. Image Source: dulux.co.uk

How about adding a bean bag or exercise ball in the study station?

With schools remaining closed, your kids have been spending a huge part of the daytime in online classes and assignments at home and often get bored sitting in a lifeless chair. Allow them to change their body postures in between. Adding a bean bag or exercise ball study station will be a great way to relax and indulge in some exercise. Image Source: images.ctfassets.net

Designing two separate study stations in a single room

When two kids are studying in a single study station, there's often distraction and disturbance. By simply adding a bookshelf as a divider between the two study stations, you can help your kids concentrate maximum on their studies. Also, make use of the bookshelf by filling in the school books and stationery items. Image Source: i.pinimg.com



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