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alisha | 19 Nov 2019

Pros And Cons Of Buying A Ground Floor Home

Pros And Cons Of Buying A Ground Floor Home

With the ever-increasing population in India, builders are increasingly constructing high-rise projects as residential properties for the home buyers. High-rise towers occupy a lesser area of land and can accommodate as many numbers of families. In recent times, such high-rise projects are built in both luxury and affordable categories. With so many types of floors offered in a tower, a buyer tends to get confused and may end up making a choice which may not necessarily match with his/her expectations. 

The below points give special attention to the ground floor and the pros and cons of making it your new home:


1. A floor that is more down to earth is just the right choice for a family with elderly members. Life on a daily basis gets more convenient with not having to walk on stairs or put extra effort to use a lift. The choice would be equally beneficial for kids, and members with fear of height or any physical disability. No other floor can give a convenient entry and exit like a home on the ground floor.

2. You will have easy access to the outdoor landscape. A ground floor gives the feeling of living in a traditional home with gardens, shops, and other necessities nearby. Basic amenities within the complex such as kids play area, clubhouse, and park are reachable by walking only a couple of minutes.   

3. If you have bought a new home on the ground floor, you will realise the benefits while shifting there. You need not go through the stress of walking on stairs along with the weight of your belongings. The lift at times is not spacious enough to fit in your big sized furniture.

4. A higher floor is prone to the direct heat of sunlight during summers, which results in more use of air-conditioners and more electricity consumption. Drawing groundwater with motor pumps for upper floors is another heavy power consumption process. Therefore, a ground floor home will help in saving your expenses in electricity bills.   

5. If you are buying a ground floor apartment with a rental purpose, especially in cities with hot climatic conditions in India, you are likely to receive better rental incomes. 


1. The ground floor gives a limited view of the city and at times, not at all. If the ground floor property you bought is located in a crowded area, you will have to compromise with your privacy. Dealing with all kinds of outdoor noise is another setback. 

2. Ground floors are the zones with least security as they are easy targets for robbery. However, it also depends on the security level of the complex you are living in. 

3. Ground floors are structured to receive comparatively less natural light and ventilation as well as the intrusion of dust, insects and mosquitoes. Ground floors suffer the most with drainage issues, causing a foul smell. 

4. Be ready to pay more electricity bills during winters as ground floor usually takes maximum time in heating your indoors using heaters. 


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