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Marketing Team | 20 Jan 2023

Forget Paint, Style Your Walls With Creative And Easy-To-Do Ideas

Forget Paint, Style Your Walls With Creative And Easy-To-Do Ideas

With a new year approaching, we try to change the look of our homes to spread fresh vibes. Some do it by adding new home decor items, changing the colour of rooms, or shifting few furniture here and there. Our easy-to-do tips are meant for wall art. Few walls in your home are surely lying dull and lifeless. Try our tips, and get surprised to see a completely renovated look of each room.

1. Do you know that you can use black tape for styling your wall?

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Explore the fun of sticking your black tape like never before by using it to decor the wall. Consider a plain wall to try this activity. We have experimented with two designs - black crosses and windows. The designs that you can make out of black tape are endless, and the tape will not damage your walls. 

2. A heart shaped decor can never go wrong

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You don't need to purchase any extra material to design a heart in the wall. Think of all the photo frames of your loved ones. Some might have been packed and no more showcased due to the lack of space at your home. Take them out and start placing them on the wall in the shape of a huge heart. Let this heart-shaped memory captured in pictures bring up a smile on your face every time you see it.

3. If you love indulging in paper craft, here's how you do it for your wall

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Butterflies and flowers are some of the most beautiful gifts of nature, and they can instantly brighten up our homes too. Bring out the crafty side of yours and get creative with paperwork. With the help of scissors, cut the papers in butterfly and flower shapes. Stick them on the wall using a glue stick and see how the craft will fuel life to the wall.

4. Clipboards are fun to hang on the wall

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Chances are, few clipboards from your school days are already present in your home. If not, you can make a few out of the scrap wood. You can use them to pin anything you wish to. For instance, pin the to-do-lists of your household work as a reminder on those clipboards.

5. Wall art with decorative plates

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Decorative plates on the wall can create a pretty picture too. Some are decorated with beautiful art, while some carry quotes. Next time you go to shop for kitchenware, buy antique decorative plates as well.


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