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Ipsa Rai | 09 Mar 2023

Property Registration in Gurgaon: Registration Steps, Stamp Duty Charges

Property Registration in Gurgaon: Registration Steps, Stamp Duty Charges

Table of Content:

  1. Property Registration In Gurgaon: An Overview​
  2. How To Do property Registration In Gurgaon?
  3. Property Registration Charges In Gurgaon
  4. Important Amendments To The Gurgaon Real Estate Registration Act

To avoid any complications when going forward with a property registration in Gurgaon, you should be familiar with the necessary paperwork, the registration procedure, and the associated fees. 

All information on how to do property registration in Gurgaon is provided in detail in this article. Let’s begin!

Property Registration In Gurgaon: An Overview

A property registration agreement is a legal contract that must be taken seriously by all parties involved. Once a property is registered in a buyer's name, that buyer has full legal ownership and responsibility for the property. Unrecognized owners have no legal standing in regard to their property. As a result, property registration is obligatory to forestall fraud or potential legal disputes.

The procedures for registering property in Gurgaon are spelled out in detail in the Registration Act of 1908. It safeguards evidence and title, makes public records, and deters forgery. Therefore, the Act mandates the registration of all sales deeds. Additionally, the property must meet other requirements before it can be registered. Among these are

  • A property that was given as a gift

  • Instruments other than wills that deal with or have the effect of establishing, declaring, assigning, limiting, or extinguishing vested or contingent rights, titles, or interests in real property.

  • Receipt of, or payment for, consideration on account of the aforementioned instruments

  • Leases of immovable property that extend beyond a single year or that lock in the annual rent rate are considered long-term leases.

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How To Do property Registration In Gurgaon?

The property registration process in Gurgaon has been simplified to make it more user-friendly for homebuyers and more transparent for everyone involved. 

The State of Haryana now offers an online portal for property registration called Jamabandi.

Step 1: Sign up on the jamabandi.nic.in.

Haryana's official land registry can be viewed at https://jamabandi.nic.in/. In the menu that appears, select "Deed Templates."

Step 2: Making an electronic stamp

You will need an electronic stamp now. Online or at a bank's website is where you'll find it for sale. Sign in to https://egrashry.nic.in/, then select the "e-Stamp" menu item and enter the required information, including answers to security questions and security codes, to create an e-Stamp.

In the case of electronic payment, a digital stamp can be made instantly. Make sure the relevant Sub-Registrar has validated the electronic stamp. The next step is to visit the official website of Haryana land records and locate the property registration menu on the homepage.

Step 3: Schedule a meeting with the SRO

It is necessary to schedule an online appointment for property registration in Gurgaon and to upload a digital copy of the applicant's deed before the property can be registered in Gurgaon. The 'Check Deed Appointment Availability' option can be found under the 'Property Registration' subheading on the homepage, where applicants can access it after clicking on that tab.

Step 4: Pay the required registration and stamp taxes

To pay the stamp duty charges in Gurgaon online, you can visit the grassy.nic.in. After logging on to the website, update the property details to generate the challan and stamp duty documents. Once the documents are generated, you can make the payment and complete the transaction of paying for the stamp duty charges. 

Also, the applicant can physically appear at the relevant office to hand-pay the registration fee and stamp duty. You should keep the receipt in case you ever want to sell or transfer the property.

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Property Registration Charges In Gurgaon

Gurgaon’s property registration charges are as follows, varying with the value of the transaction:

Amount of Transaction(in Rs)Registration Fees(in Rs)

Up to 50,000


Between 50,001 and 5,00,000


Between 5,00,001 and 10,00,000


Between 10,00,001 and 20,00,000


Between 20,00,001 and 25,00,000


Above 25,00,000


A sale deed must be registered and stamped in order to be recognized by the law as a valid transfer of ownership. The act of registering a property serves to establish a public record of who the legal owner is. All in all, it takes at least three weeks to complete the property registration in Gurgaon.

Important Amendments To The Gurgaon Real Estate Registration Act

The new amendments under the property registration in Gurgaon already stated that the construction floors on plots smaller than 180 square yards will not be registered separately. Instead, only one person in the unit will need to register. The amendment specified that if such properties were registered, the deeds would be revoked and action would be taken against the relevant revenue officials. However, even in the EWS (economically weaker sections) plots, registration on a floor-by-floor basis is not possible.


You can go through all the steps and register your property with ease.  The digitization of the entire process assures property registration in Gurgaon is a breeze of a task.

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