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Simar Nagi | 03 Mar 2023

NTR Housing Scheme: Check Eligibility, Application Steps, Beneficiary

NTR Housing Scheme: Check Eligibility, Application Steps, Beneficiary

Table of Content:

  1. NTR Housing Scheme #1: Overview​
  2. NTR Housing Scheme #2: Home Prices
  3. NTR Housing Scheme #3: Subsidy For Beneficiaries
  4. NTR Housing Scheme #4: Mandatory Documents Required
  5. NTR Housing Scheme #5: Steps To Apply For NTR Housing Scheme
  6. NTR Housing Scheme #6: Steps To Check The Beneficiary List
  7. NTR Housing Scheme #7: Helpdesk Details

In 2016, the Government of Andhra Pradesh launched NTR housing as a sub-scheme under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana(PMAY) - a country-wide initiative that aims to provide affordable housing to the people living in urban and rural areas of India. The NTR housing scheme has been running quite successfully and has helped many citizens in Andhra Pradesh achieve their dream homes.

Continue reading this article and explore the eligibility and online application procedures under NTR housing scheme



The NTR housing scheme provides affordable housing to urban and rural citizens in Andhra Pradesh. Moreover, the NTR housing scheme rebuilds the pre-existing broken housing units and helps in the construction of new homes. 

Under this NTR housing scheme, 10 lakh residences are expected to be built on a budget of Rs 16,000 crore. 

The NTR housing scheme primarily has two objectives:

  • To build permanent houses for the underprivileged at an affordable rate.

  • To reconstruct the existing dwellings at an affordable rate. 

There are two major components to the NTR housing scheme:

  • PMAY NTR Gramin Housing Scheme that focuses on those from rural areas.

  • PMAY NTR Urban Beneficiary Led Construction (BLC) that focuses on providing aid to citizens in cities. 

Home Prices

The prices of housing units under the NTR housing scheme homes are based on their respective sizes.

  • A 300 sq ft house would cost approximately Rs 5.62 lakhs.

  • A 365 sq ft house would cost approximately Rs 6.75 Lakhs.

  • A 430-450 sq ft home will cost around Rs 7.71 Lakhs.


Notably, the most expensive property will cost not more than Rs 8 lakhs. Besides the price differences under the NTR Housing Scheme, all flats will be well-equipped with energy-efficient appliances. The Andhra Pradesh government will also allot star-rated products like 9-watt LED bulbs, 20-watt LED bulbs, and 50-watt fans. 

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Subsidy For Beneficiaries

Under the NTR Housing Loan, the following interest subsidies are made available:

  • The NTR Rural Housing Scheme provides a subsidy of Rs 1.5 lakh to each recipient.

  • SC/ST recipients are eligible for an extra subsidy of Rs 50,000. 

  • The beneficiary of the PMAY-NTR urban housing scheme will also receive a subsidy of Rs 2.5 lakhs. 

  • The applicants should be residents of Andhra Pradesh.

  • The applicants should be below the poverty line or be White Ration Card holders. 

  • The applicant must not own land or a home that is part of another government-sponsored housing program.

Mandatory Documents Required

  1. Identity Proof: One must provide an Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card.

  2. Income Proof: Individual and family income must be provided.

  3. Address Proof: One also has to supply information about their current and permanent address, including the years they lived in that particular location. 

  4. Bank Account: It is necessary to provide the bank account number and branch information. 

  5. Specifications of the House: A full description of the size of the house and number of rooms. It is mandatory to provide this detail as it assists citizens with the reconstruction of their homes. 

  6. Other Documents: Documents stating the caste, religion, and below-poverty line status. 

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Steps To Apply For NTR Housing Scheme

Follow the below steps in order to understand the online procedure for NTR Housing Scheme:

Step 1: Visit http://pmaymis.gov.in/

Step 2: Click on the three horizontal bars to login. Go down and choose "MIS Login." 

Step 3: Click on "Citizen Assessment."

Step 4: Based on what applies to you, select "for slum dwellers" or "benefits under 3 components."

Step 5: Mention your Aadhar details, and upon verification, you will be redirected to another application page.

Step 6: Now, fill in the application form.

Step 7: Copy the captcha code and click "Save.".

Your application will be verified, and you will be notified via email once it has been approved. 


Steps To Check The Beneficiary List

To check whether beneficiaries have been selected as homeowners under the NTR Housing Scheme, one has to follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: Visit the official portal of the Andhra Pradesh State Housing Corporation.

Step 2: Choose "Griha Pravesh Mahotsavam Ben List." 

Step 3: A new page will appear with the list of beneficiaries. Opt for the function pointer type and provide the name of your scheme. 

Step 4: Choose "Get a Report," and you will see multiple connections for various beneficiaries. Continue clicking the links until you see the recipient list that applies to you.

Step 5: Now, for your future reference, export the NTR Housing Scheme beneficiary list to Excel. 


Helpdesk Details

You can get in touch with the Andhra Pradesh Housing Department.



EMAIL- helpdesk.apshcl@apcfss.in



The NTR Housing Scheme under the PMAY initiative aims to provide affordable housing to every individual in the state of Andhra Pradesh. If you or someone you know is facing troubles while going through the process, feel free to connect via the PMAY’s website or NTR customer service number. 

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