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Janvee | 28 Apr 2023

Mumbai Metro Line 7: Check Stations, Route Map & Complete Time Table

Mumbai Metro Line 7: Check Stations, Route Map & Complete Time Table

Table of Content:

  1. About Mumbai Metro Line 7​
  2. Mumbai Metro Line 7: Stations & Route Map
  3. Status And Type of Stations On Mumbai Metro Line 7
  4. Mumbai Metro Line 7 Timetable
  5. Mumbai Metro Line 7 Fare
  6. Mumbai Metro Line 7 Interconnecting Stations

The financial capital of India, Mumbai is a bustling city with host to many incredible things. One such is the inception of Mumbai Metro that has been truly a game changer. Mumbai, being a real estate hotspot, is one of the few cities that attracts the most homebuyers and it is safe to say that this growing metro network will have a positive impact on the city's real estate growth. Mumbai metro line 7 is the recent addition to the city’s metro network and is going to make transport easy and increase the valuation of the properties near it. 

Explore more about the recently opened Mumbai metro 7 in the city with detailed information on the connecting stations, time table, etc. Let’s delve in!

About Mumbai Metro Line 7

The Mumbai metro line 7 connects Andheri to Dahisar. This metro line is 16.5 kilometres long with an elevated corridor. The elevated Mumbai  metro line’s corridor covers 14 stations, including Dahisar. 

Notably, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated Mumbai metro lines 7 and 2a on 19th January 2023. The metro became operational and was opened to the public from 20th January, 2023.

The metro line will provide connectivity between the Western Express Highway and the following three metro lines: 

  • Metro Line 6 

  • Ongoing Metro Line 2A

  • Metro Line 1

Mumbai’s metro line 7 is also a part of Mumbai’s Red line and is formed by connecting:

  • Metro Line 7

  • Metro Line 7A

  • Metro Line 9

Here are a few reasons Mumbai metro 7 is going to be a game changer:

  • It will facilitate an efficient interchange with the MRT system at JVLR, Andheri, and Dahisar.

  • It will also ease the interchange with the suburban rail system.

  • It will provide connectivity between Central Mumbai and Northern suburban Mumbai.

  • Mumbai metro line 7 will give rail-based access to the Special Economic Zone (SEEPZ), Mumbai International Airport (CSMIA), National Park, and other geographical and commercial landmarks.

  • It will reduce the present travel time by approximately 50% and 75%.

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Mumbai Metro Line 7: Stations & Route Map

mumbai metro line 7

Source: Imetro

The Mumbai metro line 7 stations are:

  • Dahisar East

  • Ovaripada

  • National Park

  • Devipada    

  • Magathane

  • Poisar (Previously known as Mahindra & Mahindra)

  • Akurli (Previously known as Bandongri)

  • Kurar (Previously known as Pushpa Park)    

  • Dindoshi (Previously known as Pathanwadi)

  • Aarey

  • Goregaon East (Previously known as Mahanand)    

  • Jogeshwari E (Previously known as JVLR Junction)

  • Shankarwadi

  • Gundavali (formerly Andheri East)

Status And Type of Stations On Mumbai Metro Line 7

Here’s the status and type of all the Mumbai metro line 7 stations:

Name of the stationStatus and type of station

Dahisar East

Elevated & operational


Elevated & operational

National Park

Elevated & operational


Elevated & operational


Elevated & operational


Elevated & operational


Elevated & operational


Elevated & operational


Elevated & operational


Elevated & operational

Goregaon East 

Elevated & operational

Jogeshwari E 

Elevated & operational


Elevated & operational


Elevated & operational

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Mumbai Metro Line 7 Timetable

The first train as per the Mumbai Metro Line 7 Timetable leaves from Dahisar East to Gundavali at 5:43 AM. The last train from Dahisar East to Gundavali leaves at 10:00 PM.

Mumbai Metro Line 7 Fare

The Mumbai metro lines 7 and 2a have the same fare rates depending on the kilometres covered/travelled.  

Distance rangeFare

0 to 3 kilometres


3 to 12 kilometres


12 to 18 kilometres


18 to 24 kilometres


24 to 30 kilometres


If you are a frequent traveller on Mumbai metro 7, there is also a provision to purchase a smart card. It is an electronic card that you can purchase from any authorised channel. You will need to pay a security deposit of INR 50. 

You can use the card as a store value pass or trip pass. The store value pass can serve as an electronic wallet for you that has a pre-loaded cash value. The trip pass will allow you to take 45 trips for 30 days.

Mumbai Metro Line 7 Interconnecting Stations

The Mumbai metro line 7 is interconnected with other metro lines or stations. Let’s find out about them too!

 Name of metro station Interconnecting metro

 Dahisar East

 Mumbai Metro Line 2A (Yellow Line)



  • Indian Railways

  • Central Line

  • Harbour Line



 Western Line



  • Indian Railways

  • Western Line


 Goregaon East

 Mumbai Metro Line 6
 (Pink Line)



  • Mumbai Metro Line 1 (Blue Line)

  • Mumbai Metro Line 7A (Red Line)


Mumbai's metro line 7 is an extensive network that offers seamless connectivity to different parts of the city. As a result, it is obvious to say that with increased connectivity, the housing demands and the market valuation of properties along this route area will increase. 


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