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Simar Nagi | 08 Dec 2022

9 Land Measurement Units in India You Must Know - 2022

9 Land Measurement Units in India You Must Know - 2022

Land measuring units used in India are integral to real estate translation. The reason behind this is the cost involved is highly dependent on the same. You all must have heard Square feet, Acres, and Square Yards types of standard units. If you wish to calculate the land area, various types of land measurement units are used in India. Since India is a big country, various terms are given to land measurement, varying from state to state. For example, in the Northern part of India, the name of the measurement unit is Bigha, Biswa, Marla, Kanal, and Kattha, whereas Southern India calls it Ground, Ankanam, Guntha, and Centa. If we talk about the Eastern States of India, Chatak, Dhur, Kattha, and Lecha are some of the land measuring units. In western India, Biswa and Biswani are the common names used for land measurement units. Let's see how land measurement units differ in size/area in India. 

9 Land Measurement Units in India You Must Know!

When living or dealing with real estate investment in India, you must be well aware of the below-mentioned terms and how these can be converted into standard measurement units.




1 Gaj

Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi

9 sq. feet

1 Bigha

Bihar and certain regions of Punjab, Haryana, UP, and Rajasthan 

Temporary House 3025 sq. yards

1 Bigha 

Some other regions of Haryana, Punjab, and UP 

Temporary House 1,008.33 sq. yards

1 Bigha

In a few parts of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand

900 sq. yards

1 Bigha 

Some regions of Madhya Pradesh 

1333.33 sq yards

1 Bigha

Bengal and Assam 

1600 sq. yards

1 Biswa

Some regions of UP, Haryana, and Punjab 

Temporary 151.25 sq. yards 

1 Biswa

Upper parts of HP and Uttarakhand

48.4 sq yards

1 Biswa

Upper-parts of Rajasthan 

Pucca 151.25 sq yards

1 Biswa

Lower parts of Rajasthan

96.8 sq. yards 

1 Biswani 

UP. HP, Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Uttarakhand 

20 Biswansis 

1 Killa

Parts of Punjab and Haryana 

4840 sq yards

1 Ghumaon 

In some regions of HP, Haryana, and Punjab 

4840 sq yards

1 Kanal

Some regions of Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh 

5445 sq feet

1 Sarsahi

In some parts of Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana 

30.25 sq feet

1 Kattha

Madhya Pradesh 

600 sq. feet

1 Kattha 


1361.25 sq. feet 

1 Kattha 


720 sq. feet

1 Kattha 


2880 sq. feet

1 Ankanam 

Regions of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh 

72 sq. feet

1 Kuncham

In some regions of Andhra Pradesh 

484 sq. yards/10 cents 

1 Guntha 

Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Andhra Pradesh

1089 sq. yards

1 Ground

Parts of Tamil Nadu 

2400 sq. feet

1 Dhur

Bihar and Jharkhand

68.06 sq. feet

1 Dhur


3.6 sq feet

1 Decimal 

West Bengal 

48.4 sq yards

1 Lecha


144 sq. feet

1 Chatak 

West Bengal 

180 sq. feet


What is the standard unit for measuring land in India?

Across India, square meters and hectares are the standard land measurement units. Apart from these, acres, square yards, and square feet are also used for land measuring units. These are the standard units for measuring land in India, which are accepted globally. They are also included in property documents, which help avoid discrepancies while dealing across India. 

Calculating Land Measurement Area

1. Square foot

It is one of India's most common land measurement units, which is equal to 0.11 of a square yard. The unit is also used in the US, UK, Canada, Bangladesh, Ghana, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, and Singapore. Based on the rules and regulations of the real estate law in India, all real estate developers are authorized to inform the area in sq ft terms. It is used across geographies to map the area. 

2. Square Yards 

The square yard is 9 sq ft, and this land measurement unit is used in India and across the globe. Local governments in India use square yards while fixing circle rates, especially for residential areas. 

3. Square meter 

A square meter made of 10.763 sq ft is also one of India's common land measurement units. 

4. Acre 

In India, an acre is one of the oldest land measuring units, which is applied worldwide to measure big tracts of land. One acre is equal to 4,840 square yards. 

5.  Hectare 

Hectare has a symbol, ha, and was invented in 1795. This metric system is used to measure the area of land and plots globally. 1 hectare is equal to 1,07,639 sq ft. 

Complete List of standard land measurement units used in India 




  1 Square Foot

  144 sq

  1 Square Centimeter  

  0.00107639 sq ft

  1 Square Inch 

  0.0069444 sq ft

  1 Square Kilometer

  247.1 acres

  1 Square Meter


  1 Square Mile

  640 acres or 259 hectares

  1 Square Yard

  9 sq ft

  1 Acre

  4840 sq yd or 100.04 cents 

  1 Hectare

  107639 sq ft or 2.49 acres

You will notice that the size of these units varies to a large extent. So, every buyer and seller needs to learn what each of these has in store for them before you go on selling or buying a property. 

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