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Marketing Team | 22 Feb 2023

Indulge In The Decluttering Therapy Of Your Home

Indulge In The Decluttering Therapy Of Your Home

No matter how well-organised a home is, a few unnecessary items such as a huge pile of old magazines and unwanted clothes occupy your living space. Holding on to clutter leads to stress and affects your mental health in the long run. It may break your heart a little but disposing of the junk will eventually cause a happier state of mind. Image Source - www.merrymaids.com​

Let's begin with your kitchen

People who are keen on kitchen decor often indulge in the collection of utensils, cutlery, and other items. They may not have realised how too much of such items can block the kitchen, but it's time to declutter the space. Dispose of the dull knives, cracked items, over-used utensils, or anything that’s bothering you. Image Source - upload.wikimedia.org​

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Your personal belongings

It's time to dispose off that sunscreen of yours if used for a year. A sunscreen lotion, anyway, loses its ability to protect from the sun's rays over time. Hence, get a new one! On the other hand, the unnecessary hair ties and socks which you have stopped using a long time ago need immediate dumping. Image Source - www.diehardsurvivor.com​

A list of household items

Check how old your mattresses are! It is highly advisable to replace them after every eight to ten years. You can use your old towels and worn sheets as rags or donate them to animal shelters. Get rid of dead batteries that aren’t working for your remote anymore. Image Source - i.huffpost.com​

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Old or expired medicines

Keeping in store the old or expired medicines is not just causing clutter but they are also dangerous to your health. Store your medicines on a high shelf and away from the reach of the kids. The next measure that you should take is checking the expiry date on your medicines and dump them accordingly. Image Source - www.protectpatientblog.com​


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