Simar Singh | 01 Jul 2022

Here is How I Avoided Overpaying for Real Estate!

Here is How I Avoided Overpaying for Real Estate!

Since it is the feedback that we received from one of our customers, we will respect their privacy and will not disclose their names. But it is a story of a commoner, which makes it important for every Indian to study and understand the story. Today it's them, and tomorrow it could be you. Fight for yourself and save yourself from paying more than what the property is worth .

Real-life story: 

My spouse and I were living in Delhi earlier, but we shifted to Mumbai because of work. For the past 10 months, we were trying to buy an apartment in Mumbai. It was genuinely proving to be a challenge. We are working and have a good credit score, we even had a hefty down payment ready. But what happened was beyond unbelievable. 

It was Saturday, a perfect weekend. While we were having a cup of tea and enjoying the pleasant weather, our real estate agent called and informed us that he had got a perfect home for us within our price range. We got excited and decided to pay a visit, but once we got there, the agent informed us that there was a certain clause that we had to sign, and he was demanding twice our budget. Despite liking the property, we were disheartened, and once we went home, we again discussed about it. I thought of asking for money from my parents because we were in awe of the property. I even talked to my mother about the same thing.

Although we are in our mid-30s, my husband was uncomfortable with us taking loans and borrowing more money from my parents. But since we were running out of time, we decided to buy it. Our cheque was ready; we had a meeting with our agent on Thursday to give him the cheque. 

While we were finally happy to be able to afford our dream home, my husband found something on the internet the night before. My husband came across a site named Clicbrics, India's online real estate platform. It turned out that the price mentioned for our property on Clicworth—a property evaluation tool—was way less than what we expected. It was indeed in our budget, and easily saved Rs  20-30 lacs. This means that the broker overpriced the property we were interested in. So, my husband got furious and called our agent, and the agent started giving my husband lame excuses, and since then, we couldn't get in touch with him. 

Like this couple, you can also avoid overpaying for the property with Clicbrics, as it provides

  • Real-time Transaction Pricing

  • Real-time Inventory Levels and,

  • Real-time Neighborhood Check 

Why Clicbrics?

Clicbrics is India's online real estate platform that provides buyers with the transparency they need to make the best investment. The firm has successfully combined its real estate and technology expertise and launched Clicworth.

What is Clicworth?

Clicworth is a house valuation tool specifically designed to provide property prices with 90% accuracy. The tool is powered by AI and Machine Learning that provides customers with access to fair pricing. One needs information like property type, size, and floor to get an estimated market price of the interested property. 

Steps to check the value of a property

STEP 1- Visit 

STEP 2- Enter the address or locality you are interested in

STEP 3- Select floor and area and click “Check Clicworth” 

And that's it! These 3 simple steps can help you find a dream home without having to pay more. 

Try Clicworth, a non-profit free property valuation tool, and see the property's true value yourself. 

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