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Marketing Team | 31 Jan 2023

Hints To Spot A Feng Shui Home

Hints To Spot A Feng Shui Home

Recognise the presence of Feng Shui in a home.

Image Source - vogue.com

Placement of the Front Door

Difficulty in finding the front door means blocking the flow of positive energy. A home with good Feng Shui should have an easy-to-find front door. Image Source - www.thespruce.com​

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The Commanding Position of your Bed and Desk

The important aspects of your life such as the bed where you sleep and the desk where you work should be at your command. Place them in such a way from where you can see the door without being directly in line with it. According to Feng Shui, this position allows you to have a clear view of anyone coming in through the door and thereby, making you feel more at ease. Image Source - thespruce.com​

The Presence of Feng Shui in a Living Room

A living room designed in accordance with Feng Shui will have a comfortable and generous seating arrangement to accommodate everyone living in the home as well as the guests. The sofas and chairs should be facing each other. Image Source - www.ballarddesigns.com

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A Kitchen with Fresh and Healthy Items

A kitchen is an important space where we store and cook our food and stay nourished. Hence, a good Feng Shui kitchen is believed to be filled with fresh and healthy items. Discard everything that's not in use or has expired. Image Source - www.mydomaine.com​


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