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10 Nov 2020

Eco-Friendly And Safety Tips For Diwali Celebration

Eco-Friendly And Safety Tips For Diwali Celebration

Wondering how the Diwali celebration is going to be this year? Well, it will be slightly different from previous years. With the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, stay at home and work from home have become "the new normal" for many. Diwali is significant, and thereby we have listed essential tips for you to celebrate the festival with great joy and no fear. Image Source - peachmode.com

Online shopping is a safer option where you will also enjoy the benefits of festive offers

Traditionally, people prefer going to market places to shop for Diwali. This time, take a safer alternative by shopping online and advice the same to your loved ones. There have been signs of recovery but do not forget that we are still living under the threat of high exposure to coronavirus infection. Hence, shop online! Image Source - cdn.dnaindia.com

Disinfect your home to the core

Preparation for the Diwali celebration begins with the deep cleaning of your home. Use disinfectants to clean. In case you are bringing new items at home, disinfecting is a must to kill the germs. Image Source - greenseal.org

Go eco-friendly for Diwali

Our prime concern is your safety as well as the safety of the environment. Hence, we encourage eco-friendly decor items for Diwali such as traditional diyas as well as LED lights that consume less energy. You can make rangolis using flowers, rice grains and organic colours. Image Source - tripsavvy.com

A small gathering would be wise and greet your guests with 'Namaste'

Meeting your friends and relatives keeps the festive spirit alive. However, try not to invite as many guests this time. Hosting a Diwali party at home with a few members would be wise and nice. Keep sanitizers for them right at the entrance. Strictly follow the rule of wearing a mask and keeping a safe distance from each other during such gatherings. Image Source - cen.acs.org

Wondering what to gift your loved ones this Diwali?

Sweets are forever favourite to gift during the Diwali celebration. Let's make it more mindful this time. Besides sweets, you can design hampers consisting of soaps, sanitizers, and masks. From basics to fancy, the popularity of masks at the moment is on another level. Gift all of them as the need is high! Image Source - cloudfront-us-east-1.images.arcpublishing.com



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