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Marketing Team | 28 Oct 2022

Don't Let Chilling Winter Take Away The Joy Of Christmas

Don't Let Chilling Winter Take Away The Joy Of Christmas

Wondering how you are going to prep your home for Christmas celebration amidst lockdown? If you are a true festive fan, don't let this pandemic take away the joy of Christmas decoration and fun. We are here to boost your spirits by sharing a few decor tips. Images

Put up the tree first

Putting up the tree first shall instantly stir up the festive feeling. If you are avoiding going out and shop, you can make use of items from the previous years. Have an old tree? Excellent! Add lights and decorative pieces to it. Your kids can participate as well. Let them add their favorite toys for decoration. Images Source: i2-prod.mirror.co.uk

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Spread Christmas cheer during the pandemic

Lights are the best way to spread Christmas cheer during the pandemic. Let there be an extra amount of lights all over your home and remind others of the hope and light during darker moments. You could also add more colours and sparkles to your decoration and cheer up your neighbours. Images Source: thespruce.com

The front door decoration is all about a warm welcome

Be it traditional or modern, make sure that the front door decoration for Christmas is a welcoming one for all. The crisis period has lasted for so long and we are waiting for better days to come soon. Therefore, let every person who enters your home feel happy. Use paper stars, bows, lanterns, wreaths, lights, stickers to give the door decor a Christmas theme. Images Source: homebnc.com

Let this Christmas be a different one

Pandemic has made this year hard on all of us. Hence, never miss a beat to boost your spirit. This year's Christmas may not be a regular one but it surely will be a different one. Plan enjoyable activities and focus on what you have and what you can do. Invite fewer people and have deep meaningful conversations. Images Source: intermountainhealthcare.org


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