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25 Feb 2019

Don’t Just Store Your Books - Decorate Your Home With Them

Don’t Just Store Your Books - Decorate Your Home With Them

Books are a large part of our life and many of us have collected lots of books. If your home is filled with books and you are struggling to find space to store those books, then wait! Why can’t you have a little fun with books? Yes, don’t just store those books but add some style to your home with them. Look at the following ways to use books to decorate your home

Style Books With Flowers

If you want to create great " Instagram post", then pairing the books with some stylish accessories can be a great option. There are many items that can work well with books like flowers. They can give a grounded reality to your room. You can put your favorite books with beautiful flowers in your favorite vase. Image Source - squarespace.com

Bedside Books For Lazy Sunday

The bedroom is the most excellent space to store your book collection. If there isn't enough space for a bookshelf, you can use your bedside table. It gives an opportunity to create a mini-library for all the bookworms. Apart from books, you can add other accessories like plants or a bedside lamp that gives this piece a fabulous look. Image Source - oka.com

Decorate Your Entryway With Books

What if, every time you will walk through the entryway, you will be greeted by your favorite books? Yes, entryways are another perfect area to display your books. They can provide a perfect backdrop for other accessories too. The trick here is to choose the right books. Go with a book with well-designed cover and a good amount of weight.. Image Source - blog.modsy.com

Books In The Bathroom

Books can create a charm in any space, so, why not the bathroom? This one is for bookworms who love reading books at bath time. It can be a relaxing treat and an excellent style for bathroom decor. Whether you put it on shelves or trays, books can fit easily just like they do elsewhere in other space. Image Source - decoist.com

Putting Books On A Tray

One of the stylish ways to create a beautiful element of your home décor is to use a tray to keep your favourite books. Colourful books can be a great way to add a pop of color in a room that is more neutral. Even in a more colourful room, books can create layers of visual depth. Read More :- Turn An Ordinary Bookshelf into an Eye Catching Display



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