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Alisha | 15 Mar 2023

Delhi Metro’s Magenta Line Is Likely To Be Linked With Noida Metro’s Aqua Line

Delhi Metro’s Magenta Line Is Likely To Be Linked  With Noida Metro’s Aqua Line

The year 2019 promises the instalment and execution of big infrastructural projects on the metro connectivity front in Noida and Greater Noida. The commuters of the metro are ensured a smooth ride and save time in travelling.

 The latest addition in Noida Metro was done by introducing the Aqua Line, consisting of 21 metro stations. Inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, the Aqua Line began its operation on January 25, 2019, starting from Sector 52 in Noida to Depot metro station in Greater Noida.

Another big news makes its way within the short span of four months. The Magenta Line of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is likely to stretch its length beyond the capital city. The Aqua Line of Noida and Greater Noida is proposed to link with the Magenta Line of Delhi Metro. Sector 142 metro station that falls under the Aqua Line of Noida is aimed for linking with the Magenta Line. Likewise, Okhla metro station of Delhi Metro Magenta Line will be aimed for linking with Aqua Line as per the new development plans.

With such rapid development and introduction of more metro route projects, the metro connectivity of Noida - Greater Noida will soon be considered to be as excellent as that of the capital city in India. Noida and Greater Noida today has transformed into liveable places, and with the growing metro connectivity, the transportation system of these regions is scoring higher every year. The various sources suggest that the project is still in the proposal stage and DMRC is yet to hold an official meeting with NMRC (Noida Metro Rail Corporation) on the same.

The authorities had anticipated initially that the Aqua Line metro services would be an answer to the smooth movement between Delhi and the national capital region (NCR) population. However, the absence of direct connectivity between Aqua Line and Blue Line of Delhi metro brought limitations. Thus, the Magenta Line is simply an upgradation of the plan by the authorities. All these factors are directing benefitting the Residential Projects in Noida and Greater Noida regions. More and more real estate projects, both commercial and residential, are cashing in, thereby attracting the best of real estate developers of the country and abroad.


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