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Gaurav Srivastava | 24 Jan 2019

Decor Ideas With The Theme Of Republic Day

Decor Ideas With The Theme Of Republic Day

Republic Day in India is regarded as a significant occasion, celebrated with pride and joy. We rejoice in the achievements of our nation and fuel the spirit of patriotism on this day. We showcase the spirit by starting right from our home with the Republic Day theme decor. For those who are willing to spark the patriotic vibes in their home decor, try the following ways: Image source - i.ytimg.com

1. DIY With Your Kids

republic day decor

Indulge your kids in this easy-to-do crafty activity. How about making paper flags? Instruct your kids to get their paints, crayons, brushes, and papers. Together, start the activity and enjoy the fun of making mini flags. 
Image source - i.ytimg.com

2. Rangoli

republic day decoration

Anything that you feel fits into the theme of Republic Day can be made with the help of rangoli art. The art could be creating a flag along with a message as support. Use edible items like rice, pulses, or other kitchen items for the activity. Use safe paints and colours if you are indulging the kids. Refer to the picture to get an idea.

3. Creative Body Art

republic day decoration ideas for school

If your family members are in a high spirit of celebrating the occasion and think that decoring only the home is not enough, body art is an immediate thing to try out. As shown in the image, painting a tiny flag on the face or decorating nails will be a fun thing to do. Make sure to use only herbal colours, suitable to your skin. 
Image source - i.ytimg.com

4. Decorating With Balloons

republic day board decoration

Give your home the Republic Day party flavour by adding balloons to your decor idea. You only have to buy tricolour balloons and place as many as you want at your home. You can place them in bunches or singles or hanging styles. Image source - quotemykaam.com

5. House Party

republic day stage decoration

Looking to host a party on 26th January? Impress your guests with not only the decor but the food as well. Give a Republic Day touch to the presentation of the dishes. Try with snacks (idlis, dhoklas, and sandwiches), salads (using carrot, chillies, and radish) and desserts (ice cream, barfi, rasgulla). Image source - dipsdiner.com

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