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Janvee | 04 Apr 2023

Bhubaneswar Development Authority: Mission, BDA Housing Projects & Other Details

Bhubaneswar Development Authority: Mission, BDA Housing Projects & Other Details

Table of Content:

  1. About Bhubaneswar Development Authority​
  2. Role of Bhubaneswar Development Authority
  3. Mission of Bhubaneswar Development Authority
  4. Bhubaneswar Development Authority Project #1: Bhubaneswar One
  5. Bhubaneswar Development Authority Project #2: Heritage Signage Project
  6. Bhubaneswar Development Authority Project #3: Ekamra Heritage Walks
  7. Bhubaneswar Development Authority Project #4: Complete Street Project
  8. Bhubaneswar Development Authority Project #5: Bhubaneswar Town Centre Project
  9. Reasonable BDA Housing Projects And Slum Redevelopment
  10. Bhubaneswar Development Authority Contact Details

Did you know Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) was constituted in 1983 by the state government of Odisha to provide a planned development of the city? Since its inception, the authority has been making efforts to monitor city’s housing development and beautification using people-centric approaches and micro-level development plans ensuring urban growth.

The authority works towards the accessibility and advancement of Bhubaneswar town in all its aspects  - technology, infrastructure, or services offered to its citizens. The Bhubaneswar Development Authority(BDA) makes sure that the town gets world-class infrastructure and easily accessible facilities. 

About Bhubaneswar Development Authority

The Bhubaneswar Development Authority was constituted on 1st September 1983 with 115 villages under its jurisdiction. Today, the number of villages under its jurisdiction has increased to 556 covering an area of 1110.26 square kilometres. 

The BDA’s Zonal Development Plan and Comprehensive Development Plan ensures effective town planning. The authority has targeted many completed or currently running schemes like Town Planning Schemes and Area Development Plans. It includes ensuring 10,000 houses for the slum population under affordable housing projects. 

Some of  innovative initiatives by the Bhubaneswar Development Authority involve:

  • Smart parks 

  • Acupressure walkways in parks

  • Open air gyms

  • GIS-based CDP

  • Heritage zone around the old town area

  • Map-based GIS web portal

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Role of Bhubaneswar Development Authority

The role of the Bhubaneswar Development Authority is to:

  • Frame plans of the city’s development, including various zonal development plans

  • Coordinate the usage of land (including private land) and its development

  • BDA Plotting schemes in Bhubaneswar that target the development of the slum areas, including clearing unauthorized encroachment

  • Strengthen the city’s green cover by boosting the plantation drive

Mission of Bhubaneswar Development Authority

The mission of the Bhubaneswar Development Authority is to:

  • Formulate Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP), Zonal Development Plan (ZDP), and Interim Development Plan (IDP)

  • Ensure environmental development in the urban areas of the city

  • BDA Plotting schemes in Bhubaneswar for the Area Development Plan as well as town planning

  • Create a Landbank, a separate database for developing Urban areas effectively

  • Develop urban and housing infrastructure to enhance the city’s livability

  • Control encroachment of government land and property

  • Make provision for the redevelopment of slums and affordable housing

  • Avail quality products at a pocket-friendly price and delivery them timely to respective people

  • Dispose of pending cases, a form of Grievance Cell with appropriate publicity 

  • Make provisions to avail printed information on disposing time bound distinct transactions at the reception

  • Adopt the tatkal scheme to issue building permits within 15 days

  • Follow time-specific courses for a variety of transactions

Major Projects By Bhubaneswar Development Authority

The Bhubaneswar Development Authority has broadly covered four major areas:

  • Engineering

  • Estate

  • Planning

  • Horticulture

Every block has some completed and ongoing projects. Here’s a list of some major projects by BDA in Bhubaneswar:

  • Bhubaneswar One

  • Heritage Signage Project

  • Ekamra Heritage Walks

  • Complete Street Project

  • Bhubaneswar Town Centre Project

  • Reasonable Housing Projects and Slum Redevelopment

1. Bhubaneswar One

This project’s implementation is a part of Smart Bhubaneswar. It is a web application that is based on the map that will comprehend geospatial data from government and private organisations to acquire authentic information of:

  • Plot boundaries

  • CDP map

  • Village boundaries

  • Public services

  • Various tourist sites

  • Locations

  • Wards

2. Heritage Signage Project

Ekamra Kshetra is the heritage zone marked in the Comprehensive Development Plan for BDA Act 2010. The BDA Bhubaneswar has put together guidelines to improvise Ekamra Kshetra. The authority will provide clear and concise information about heritage monuments relevant and aesthetically pleasing for all heritage sites. This will promote an attractive appearance for all the facilities and eliminate any inconsistencies. 

3. Ekamra Heritage Walks

This project by Bhubaneswar Development Authority is a rediscovery and celebration of the city’s rich architectural treasures, traditions, rituals, and customs. The area is also known as the old town and was earlier known as Ekamra Kshetra. The words Ekamra Kshetra mean an area that is spruced up with mango trees. It is a guided walk through landscapes, streets and temples reconnecting the visitors with the city's gratifying past. 

4. Complete Street Project

120 kilometres of the road network has been identified for completely redesigning the zone onto it under this project by Bhubaneswar Development Authority. The three main aims of this project are:

  • Inculcating street planning to accommodate heavy traffic

  • Distributing road space equally for public transport, pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles

  • Ensuring well-planned integration of overground and underground utilities, signage, bus shelters etc

5. Bhubaneswar Town Centre Project

This is BDA Bhubaneswar’s foremost smart building project and is anticipated as the city's Transit Oriented Development initiative. This project will:

  • Serve as Bhubneswar’s new Multimodal Hub for the opportunities that are presented by the expansion of the railway station

  • Maximise the potential of the site for transit-oriented and pedestrian-oriented development

  • Reduce dependence on private sector investment to enhance the infrastructure in the region

Reasonable BDA Housing Projects And Slum Redevelopment

Bhubaneswar Development Authority has taken up the responsibility to redevelop the slum areas and provide them with affordable housing based on the Public-Private Partnership model. It will be implemented as per the state's policy, and the land will be leveraged as a crucial resource to attain the aim of the government. Some projects that are in pipeline under this are:

  • Shanti Nagar Awas Yojna

  • Nilamadhav Awas Yojana

  • Mahaveer Awas Yojna

  • Chandrasekharpur Affordable Housing Project

Bhubaneswar Development Authority Contact Details

You can reach out to BDA Bhubaneswar in case of any grievances or queries on the following helpline numbers:

Landline: 0674 2548295

Toll-free: 1800 345 0061

Email id: bdabbsr1983@gmail.com

Bhubaneswar Development Authority Office Address

The address for BDA in Bhubaneswar is:

Akash Shova Building, 

Sachivalaya Marg, 

Bhubaneswar, Odisha 

Pincode: 751001

Phone Number: 0674-2392801, 0674-2390633


The beautification and town development are the two main crucial elements that define the functionality of the Bhubaneswar Development Authority in the city. The authority works relentlessly to equip the city with world-class developments and offer an accessibility to advanced facilities to the citizens.

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