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23 Jun 2018

7 Unique Ideas for Using the Empty Space Under the Staircase

7 Unique Ideas for Using the Empty Space Under the Staircase

All those who want to have more storage space or an extra room or a nice corner or a cozy seating area, say WOW! Having one such feature in your home isn’t that difficult if you know how to make use of space. One of the most effective solutions is to make use of the dead area under the staircase for storage. Read on to see some of the ideas for a storage space under the stairs.

Storage Space with Display Shelves

One way to make a storage space under your stairway is to create drawers and shelves. To make it interesting, add a few display shelves. Highlight these drawers and shelves with recessed lighting to make it more attractive. Image source:- apptivate.co

A Mini Kitchen

Sometimes one kitchen is just not sufficient in the house as there are a lot of things that need to be stored. So, why not create another kitchen under the stairs? Image source:- scenicsir.com

Bottle It Up

Depending on the room, you can build a wet bar in the space under your stairs. In this way, you can fill that awkward space and can make it a great focal area. By installing fridge, you can keep wine bottles or everything you need for entertaining guests. Image source:- diy.sndimg.com

Dedicate a Room for Your Literature

Staircase can be used for a bookshelf which is quite easy to access, especially for the kids. However, make sure that you won’t place any fragile things which you would not want to be broken or get damaged at such a low space if you have kids around. Image source:- bwncy.com

Playroom Under the Stairs

You can turn your stairway which leads into a basement or playroom into a fun and playful space for kids. Such staircase can be unique, functional and sure to delight any kid. Image source:- i.pinimg.com

Create a Workspace

If you can access the space beneath your main stairway, you can make a mini office space. Put a desk there which allows you to work without any distraction. If your home can’t accommodate a home office, this will allow you to use the space under the stairs. Image source:- i.pinimg.com

A Reading Nook

You can also use space under your stairs by making it a picturesque reading nook. You can keep a comfortable couch with a plush colorful cushion and pillows. This type of space can be incredibly cozy and be inviting. Image source:- designwebi.com



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