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18 Aug 2018

7 Things To Get Bohemian Parisian Vibe Into Your Abode

7 Things To Get Bohemian Parisian Vibe Into Your Abode

There are always new home décor trends keeps coming; some new and some returning. The bohemian style home decor trend is one that’s current and to decorate in this style, you don’t need to break your bank. Here are seven things to achieve that boho look in your living space

Colourful Cushions

If you want to incorporate a bohemian look in your living space, start from the cushion.  It is one of the most cost-efficient ways. Whether you want to go with the latest trend or just want to add cushions here and there to give pops of boho, colourfulcushions are the way to go. Image Source:- clairebrodydesigns.com

Comfortable And Cosy Sheets

Bohemian style is fundamentally relaxed, cosy and comforting. Blankets and throws can be the easiest way to obtain that bohemian look. Mix and match textiles and prints for your sheets and blanket covers can give it a very bohemian look. Image Source:- images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com

Bohemian Inspired Wall Decor

Decorate your wall with tapestries. Tapestries are more apartment friendly to dress up a space than painting your wall or using any wallpaper. It can make a big impact without spending too much. Image Source:- i2.wp.com

Add Texture With Plants

Breathe life into a bohemian space with a variety of plants. They are the perfectway for putting off the tropical vibe. Bring more plants to your living space along with your other bohemian home decorations and you’ll be amazed by the transformation! Image Source:- dorisleslieblau.com

Rich Vintage Rugs

Rugs are a great investment because they will give you so much room to add creativity. This would be a perfect way in the entryway or living room or kitchen or anywhere you wanted to add that little bit charm of boho style. Image Source:- loveofrugs.files.wordpress.com

Elegant Furniture Pieces

If you want to décor your room in bohemian style, incorporate some furniture like bohemian ottomans with a few modern decors for the boho chic look. That way you can create an incredibly awesome living space. Image Source:- formulacarmag.com

Sheen And Shine With Funky Lamps

The easiest way to capture the bohemian spirit of using lamps. You can use funky tasselled lampshades or go for Moroccan hanging lamps. Diffused lighting make any room feel beautifully curated. Image Source:- touchind.com



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