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Marketing Team | 15 Dec 2022

7 Easy-Breezy Feng Shui Tips to Freshen Your Apartment

7 Easy-Breezy Feng Shui Tips to Freshen Your Apartment

Monsoon has arrived and it is the perfect time to show the door to all the negative energy that summer dragged into your apartment. And what better way to bring more health and happiness than with Feng Shui? In case if you are not aware of Feng Shui, it’s an ancient Chinese philosophy that will attract positive energy in your home. Check the following Feng Shui tips for your apartment.

Let there be light

Maximize the light in your apartment wherever possible. This can be done by using lamps, strings of lights and candles which you can place at various points throughout your room. A bright space will keep your attitude bright and that’s what Feng Shui is all about. Image Source - incredabull.org

Add colours to activate positive energy

In Feng Shui, colour is used to remove negative energy and change the mood for success. Try to use white colour in your apartment as it belongs to the Metal element. The white colour is for cleansing and purity and hence it is an excellent way to ward off negative energy. It also disperses bad fortune and illness. Image Source - ikea.com

Declutter closets

A cluttered closet brings stagnant energy. If you keep a lot of things in your closet and hide them, it may create unconscious blocks in your life. Hence it is important to declutter your closet as it will develop clarity and help you to keep the negative vibes away.

Go green

Airflow is important in Feng Shui, but it is important that the air must be pure. Plants filter the air and create a healthier and cleaner environment. There are a few plants as per Feng Shui which you can invite into your space like Lucky Bamboo, Peace Lily, Rubber Plant, English Ivy, Palm, Boston Fern, Philodendron and Spider Plant. Image Source -atmedia.imgix.net

Let your whole apartment air out

To ensure the constant flow of positive energy throughout the apartment, open all your windows and doors for a minimum of nine minutes. This is an easy step to increase airflow and stir up the energy in your apartment. Image Source - fthmb.tqn.com

A welcome door

A front door is an often neglected area and it is the first and last thing guests see when they visit your apartment. Therefore it is extremely apartment to clean the area surrounding and also you can repaint the door. A clean front door will eliminate the negative effects. Image Source -fengshuiarch.com

A palace of peace

Your bed should be placed in such a way that it should reflect inner peace. Feng Shui suggests arranging your bed in front of the door so that you can easily see your door easily and the lamp on both sides of the bed also reflects equality and balance. Image Source -ltkcdn.net


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