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Gaurav Srivastava | 22 May 2018

7 Centrepiece Table Ideas for Dining Arrangement

7 Centrepiece Table  Ideas for Dining Arrangement

Dining rooms are one of the most important parts of your home when you’re gathering with family members or close friends. However, gone were the days where you decorated the dining table for festivals or special occasions. Nowadays, the dining table serves as an important focal point in most homes, Here are some table centerpiece ideas to transform your own dinner table.

Opt for a Non-Flower

Dining table Decor ideas modern

Due to the rising pollution, we should declare 2018 as the year of the houseplant, so let’s start with the use of the branches of your own plant or tree as a sculptural centerpiece.

Eye-Catching Candlesticks

Round Dining Table Decor Ideas

Candlelight is the best exposure for a meal, so candlesticks are one of the best ways to add a magical glow to your dining table which also serves as a statement-making centerpiece.

Showcase a tray for the table’s centerpiece

Glass dining table decor Ideas

Well, there is nothing wrong with keeping a plain tray or a subtle bowl if it looks sophisticated. You can fill the wide space in a tray with fruits and it can serve as the table’s centerpiece.

Display Earthly Finds

Unique dinning table centerpieces

To punctuate your dining table, you can also use raw stones, unfinished wood objects or other natural elements. Such objects will draw the attention of anyone without diverging from the modest design of the dining space.

A Contained Cactus

dining table arrangement

These days it is too common to put an entire plant in the middle of your dining table but you can make a stylish centerpiece by putting a contained compact cactus.

Display Some Books

dining table decor ideas

Books are the most common things for any living room shelves but if you add a few volumes to your dinner table then it will allow your table to look organized.

Let A Piece of Sculpture Shine

dinner table centrepiece ideas

A dining table is the most perfect surface to showcase a piece of sculpture. A wide space can be filled with striking artwork.

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