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Marketing Team | 07 Nov 2022

7 Creative Small Apartment Balcony Makeover Ideas

7 Creative Small Apartment Balcony Makeover Ideas

Own a home with a small balcony? Do you want to utilize the small balcony to create a cosy space? If yes and you don’t find ideas to do something innovative because of the size, then check out these brilliant ideas to give your small balcony the makeover it deserves! Let's browse through a few of these brilliant ideas, shall we?

Measure It and Give It a Unique Touch

Do not be discouraged if you have small space, but rather stay to be focused on how to enhance the look of the balcony with whatever you have. Maybe you can’t bring a dining table there but you can opt for an alternative like a small coffee table with a chair or two so that you can relax, enjoy the fresh air and take a nap.

Hang a Hammock for Ultimate Relaxation

After those hot days spent cooped up inside the room, rainy season is about to come and finally, it’s a time to enjoy the outdoors. You can hang up a hammock in your balcony. Well, we are sure you won't regret this decision as it is going to soothe your mind and will bring you relaxing moments on your small space balcony.

Attach Planters to the Balcony Railings

If you are a person who loves greenery but lack the space in your balcony. Don’t worry! You can attach planters which you can easily install by simply slotting it onto the balcony railings. This essential element can be a great addition to your balcony.

Utilize the Power of Natural Materials

Regardless the size or location, you can easily bring a cheerful ambiance to the balcony when they embrace the natural look. Therefore, try to use natural materials for furnishing and decoration of balcony as much as possible for example you can use wicker chairs in your balcony.

Deck-Up Your Balcony with Colors

Bring some color to your small space balcony to liven it up. It can be easily done by painting some old furniture, or even the flower pots. Give it a try, and your creativity will definitely tune up your mood.

Connecting House to the Balcony

Even if your balcony has small space to step outside, there's something here for you. Make your small balcony appear larger by connecting the indoors with the outdoors. It can be easily done by using the same color scheme or style.

Light Up Your Balcony

 While your balcony will get benefit from natural light during the daytime, having the right amount of light can help in creating a charming ambience. Dim lighting with lanterns or lampshades is ideal. As an alternative, you can place candles on the table or in a corner to create a charming ambience. Just light up some candles and sit in your outdoor, you’ll love this.


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