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Alisha | 15 Dec 2022

7 Charming Breakfast Spots To Spend Your Sunday In Any Kind Of Space

7 Charming Breakfast Spots To Spend Your Sunday In Any Kind Of Space

Usually, our morning starts with getting out of bed to head for breakfast in the dining room, which can require a lot of effort and motivation, especially on Sunday. Agree? Well, this is where clean and cosy breakfast nooks come into the picture, which can put us in a good mood to have our quick meals. All you need is a cosy seating area with some plush cushions and yes, good food. Voila! 

Dining Booth

Break the breakfast-in-bed routine and try the breakfast-in-dining-booth delights. With a corner wall set up behind the dining booth, this dining nook adds energy to the room. The corner has been utilised so as to not keep out of the way of the busy cook. The white central table and lamp add to the elegance of this breakfast nook. Image Source :- grandriverbar.com

Cosy Dining Spot

The coolest thing is the added storage space for cosy seating. How about using this cosy dining space for entertainment, too? For instance, it’s a perfect spot to play some games with quick snacks. Image Source :- cdn.trendir.com

Bright Sunday Breakfast

A well-lit and breezy room where the sun peeps in through the windows, isn’t it the best seating space for your bright Sunday breakfast? If you have a few windows overlooking the green lawns, like this one, you can easily set up a breakfast table with a view. Image Source :- patahome.com

Room For Two

If you have some spare space in your kitchen, then you can use it to create a breakfast nook. All you require is a contemporary table with matching chairs, a gorgeous floor lamp and some tasteful accessories, to make this space modern. Conversations in the kitchen over coffee are the most unique thing you have ever heard. Right? Image Source:- dma-upd.org

Vintage Elegance

This sweet breakfast table fits perfectly into an underutilised corner of any room. Vintage furniture adds a casual vibe to the seating area. The simple rug adds simplicity to this eating zone. Image Source:- colepapers.net

Dine In Peace

A quiet table for two with a flower pot, small TV and glass pendant lights exude freshness. To top it all, there’s storage beneath. Conversations while eating and watching your favourite programme, are some of the best, ever… Image Source:- cashbuffalo.org

The Dining Bar

A dining bar adds a touch of modernism to the whole traditional dining look and turns an into an intimate gathering spot. The long dining table separates the kitchen from the banquette. This is surely an idea worth stealing. Image Source:- privyhomes.com


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