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Gaurav Srivastava | 17 Mar 2022

6 Secrets to Getting a Good Deal on a House

6 Secrets to Getting a Good Deal on a House

Whether you are leasing a property or buying one, everything starts with a good deal. Even though every home buyer has a different set of needs and requirements, there is only one thing that they have in common - the constant pressure to make sure that they get a good deal on the house they plan to purchase. No matter what is trending in the housing market at the moment, you would never want to get ripped off. We are here to make sure you get yourself the best deal possible and have no regrets later on. 

It is true that once the pandemic hit us all, the prices reached an all-time high. Now that we are approaching the post-pandemic era, the prices are slowly recovering. While this is good news, everything in life is not so easy, is it? With the prices recovering and getting back to normal, securing a good deal on your preferred property has become a difficult task yet again. Sellers today have no shortage of buyers, and they can easily move on to another buyer without giving your deal another thought. We know how disheartening this situation can be. Knowing that you have done all that you could, from legalities to taking home loans, and then getting stuck on the final step of your home buying journey has got to be disappointing.  

We are here to change the narrative! 

For most buyers, getting your dream property within your budget is just an impossible dream. What if we told you that dreams do indeed come true? What if we revealed some simple yet effective secrets that would ensure a good deal for you and your home? Well, you are in luck today! Clicbrics has personally come up with a list of secrets that guarantee you a good deal without compromising on your financial situation. All you have to do is read through these, understand how they can be implemented, and get to work!

What Will Get You a Good Deal on Your Dream Home?

Trust Your Instinct 

You need to stop all the hard work for a bit and ask yourself - Am I happy with this price? Does it feel fair? Will I regret this later on? No matter how many professional opinions you get, it all comes down to how happy and satisfied you are with the home you are buying. It all depends on whether you are happy with the property or not. If the deal you have been offered just does not feel right to you, work for a better one or you might regret it later. 

Get the Seller to Pay Closing Costs 

Let us get one thing straight - sellers do not like to lower their costs. If ever a situation arises where you cannot convince the seller to give you the deal you expect, it is okay to pay the amount he/she is asking you to pay. Instead, you can put in your efforts to negotiate the closing costs. This might save you some money, and also make you feel slightly better about paying the full price for the purchase. 

Ensure You Get Your Money’s Worth

Remember that when it comes to a home sale, even the smallest of utilities are negotiable. Either you or your real estate agent needs to up their game and use the art of negotiation. Do not settle for less. Even if you cannot get yourself a price that you expected, make sure you get your money’s worth in other departments. From home appliances to furniture, you never know what your seller might be willing to give to you for the purpose of making their offer look more appealing. You have got nothing to lose. Go ahead and demand one year home warranty plans or ask the seller to cover the expenses of appliances that may need maintenance to repairing within 1-3 years of your purchase. Similarly, if you put some thought into this, we are sure you can come up with appliancnes or utilities that you might want to include in your deal and finally feel secure and satisfied. 

Hire a Real Estate Agent 

Right real estate agents are always of help when you are looking to crack a fair deal for your property purchase. Even though they take commission, they are way more experience and qualified than you are. They are worth what you pay them! However, make sure you meet with at least 3 real estate agents before you decide which one you want to hire. These agents are always up to date with the current market trends. Whenever you feel stuck, they will just be one phone call away from answering all your questions. 

Take Your Own Time 

Pressure of time can either make or break your deal. When purchasing a home, make sure that you go at your own pace. If you are in a rush, you automatically end up paying more by jumping at the first deal that you are offered. This may sound petty or not like a good idea, but you can also try to rent for a few months before deciding to buy a house. Even though renting would feel like waste of money, it is anyday better than taking a hasty lifetime decision. 

Choose Your Own Inspector 

When it is time for a home inspection of the property, there is a chance you would just want to rush the process so that you can get done with all formalities at the earliest. However, getting the property inspected the right way can be your gateway to getting a better deal that you already have. The seller will try to recommend an incompetenet inspector in most situations, so that the inspector finds no problems and the deal goes through. However, if you choose your own home inspector, he/she might end up finding problems. This will mean more work for the seller and a chance for you to ask for a better deal in return. Additionally, you can also ask the seller to compensate you for all the issues in the house. 

The catch here is that these tips will only work if you are consistent and if you apply all of them together in your process. Taking the easy way out and only focussing on a few while neglecting the others will not work. You might just end up making more mistakes and creating a blunder for yourself. Be sure to integrate all 6 of these secrets into your home buying routine. 

Another technique that you can use to make sure that you are making the right decision is to use Clicworth. Clicworth is a feature offered by Clicbrics, an online real estate provider. All you have to do is go on the site, put in the locality and address of the house that you are considering to purchase and there you have it, the estimated market price of the property! Knowing the market price will help you compare it with what your seller is offering you, and whether you are making a wise decision or not. What is the point of being the owner of your dream home if you are not fully satisfied with the price that you paid to make it yours? 

It is true that nothing good ever comes easy. No matter how far you are in your journey to secure your dream home, you have to work hard every step of the way. Remember that even your smallest decisions are affecting your chances of getting a fair deal. Whether it is finding the right bank to get a home loan from or registering online for the finalized property, you need to do everything right. Yes, the pressure is on! But you do have us to guide you wherever you feel stuck or confused. 

As a home buyer, do yourself a favor and stop hesitating to ask any question or concern that crosses your mind even for a second. 

We feel we have done justice in preparing you for getting more than a fair deal on your home! Do you agree?

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