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Marketing Team | 09 Dec 2022

6 Great Colour Schemes To Brighten Your Gallery Wall

6 Great Colour Schemes To Brighten Your Gallery Wall

We always spend our time choosing fabrics, furniture, and accessories but we often forget to choose the colour scheme of a gallery wall. Paint your gallery walls a vibrant hue and you will see how impactful colours can be.

Get ethereal look

A sky-blue wall nicely ties in with the room’s furnishings. It gives an ethereal look to the room.

Energy Unlimited

In this room, avocado green walls are the perfect complement to the artwork and accessories. Modern table lamps and ball-shaped pendant lamps highlight the colour which gives this bedroom a dreamy feel.

Add A Dark Bluish Grey

It makes sense if you hang your art collection on your gallery wall painted with a neutral hue. To add a dramatic space, you can choose a darker shade, like dark bluish-grey.

Make A Sunny Scheme

If you want a colour that can give you positive vibes, paint your wall in punchy yellow colour. It inspires clear thinking.

Be Bright With Orange

A strong contrast of orange and cream can give you a clean and distinctive feel in a way that almost no other colour can.

The Glowing Accents

The shiny blue walls help bounce light across the room, giving this room a bright and open feel. It’s dazzling and makes a great impression.


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