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Marketing Team | 09 Dec 2022

6 Amazing Ideas That Will Solve Your Hallway Decorating Dilemmas

6 Amazing Ideas That Will Solve Your Hallway Decorating Dilemmas

We all are familiar with the famous saying 'first impressions count, but why the hallway is the most neglected area of the house? We suggest you not ignore your hallway. It is a space that is passed through so often and it will represent you and your lifestyle. Therefore, it deserves to have special attention! Here are some hallway décor ideas for you:

Create A Dramatic Environment With a Hallway

If you are craving more colour in your home, the hallways are the perfect space to do so. Hallways are typically dark, so black, and red colours are in full hue, which you should avoid. Use soft colours as they will add personality without overwhelming a space. Image Source - alternativealexandriawaterfrontplan.com

Install A Patterned Wallpaper

Hallways usually lack natural light and therefore patterned wallpaper work a treat to make the space feel more spacious and more welcoming. It is an ideal way to add a personality to space without taking up much space or over-cluttering. Image Source - i.pinimg.com

Anchor The Space With Indoor Plants

While hallways are one of the least exploited areas in the house, it is they most ideal for positioning an indoor plant. While it is not important to place a great number of plants, you need to know which type of plant is best for the space at hand. Image Source - i1.wp.com

The Gallery Hall

If you want a hallway that steals the scene? You can make this spot more attention-grabbing by creating a gallery wall on all visible walls. You can hang your artwork or mirrors of different shapes and sizes. It will always look fabulous! Image Source - paradiceuk.co

An Elegant Runner

You can instantly make your hallway feel bigger with an elegant runner. It is a must-have thing for every hallway. Browse a great online retailer and select something that you can smoothly own for years to come. Image Source - i.pinimg.com

Lighten Up With an Oversize Mirror

If you want to make a dramatic impact in your hallway then use an oversize mirror along your walls. If your house leans more modern, you can look for a frameless mirror for a smoother look. Image Source - czmcam.org


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