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Shuchi Singh | 09 Dec 2022

5 Ways to decorate your pool for summer parties

5 Ways to decorate your pool for summer parties

While your pool area is more a focus of activity during the summer season, here are 5 decorating ideas to decorate this charming place of relaxation for summer parties

Install a large pergola

Placing a pergola over one end of a pool can provide proper shade but also develop a visual centrepiece.

Use a hammock for poolside lounging

Add a hammock in your pool area to create a comforting and intimate vibe. There is a number of fabric colours and patterns available in the market. Also, you can add a throw blanket or a cosy pillow for comfort.

Landscaping around your pool

Fencing around your pool can offer you both privacy and offers visual interest. The best plants to grow around your pool will be those that add a special charm like Lantana, Geum and many more.

Amp up your pool area with underwater lights

Underwater lights have become a trend these days as it does not only make night swimming safe but can create an enchanting effect. If your pool is covered with one light, a coloured bulb will make your pool glow.

Bet on flowerpots

Rather than transferring your flower pots to the corner of the terrace, put them around the poolside area to create a warm space.


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