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Marketing Team | 07 Feb 2023

5 Family Activities To Do At Home

5 Family Activities To Do At Home

1. Prepare a new dish together

family activities

Cook up some new family favorites like Italian, Thai, or Chinese food. Also, remember to make desserts for the kids that you can relish later.

2. Board games

activities to do at home

Carrom, chess, and scrabble are some of the best board games for family bonding time. Image Source - www.apartmenttherapy.com​

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3. Video calling with family and friends


While it is important to stay at home and avoid socialising at present, but make sure to stay connected with your loved ones through video calls once in a while. Image Source - travelandleisure.com​

4. Get gardening

Kids love to mess around with soil. Hence, they would happily take lessons on gardening. Treat your garden as an outdoor classroom for them and get gardening together. Image Source - www.almanac.com​

5. Play a sport

From football, basketball, to badminton and tennis, the choices are many as a sport for a family. Playing a sport will help to get some exercise and grow self-confidence. Image Source - houstonfamilymagazine.com

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