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27 Apr 2019

What You Should and Should Not Do Before Moving Into A Rented Apartment

What You Should and Should Not Do Before Moving Into A Rented Apartment

Before you start your apartment hunting process, you should be aware of a few critical things. Moving out of your home and ready to move into your first apartment requires some reality checks. You might settle for an apartment not worth the money you are paying. Our dos and don'ts can save you from making a lot of time-consuming or expensive mistakes later.

Inspect the apartment thoroughly

It's great to experience "love at first sight" for your new apartment. However, don't get stuck there. Think beyond the beauty, and try finding out any pre-existing damages such as leakages, plumbing issues, mouldy walls, paint that’s peeling off, etc. Bring the matter to the notice of both the landlord and the broker, and make sure everything is mended on time.

Avoid verbal agreements, seek clarifications in writing

You should seek clarifications about anything with your landlord that may seem unclear or unfair especially related to payments or adding clauses.  Initially, the conversations and issues might get solved verbally, but it's always advisable to get the work done in writing. Your landlord might seem a warm person but do not let go of the priorities.

Are pets allowed? Ask your landlord

Remember one thing! Not all humans are fond of pets as much as you are. Some are allergic, some feel disturbed with their presence, and some are genuinely scared. Therefore, it makes sense to ask your landlord if any pet is allowed to keep. If he/she disagrees, worry not. There are like-minded people who encourage the companionship of pets.

Will your landlord provide white goods?

By white goods, we mean fridge, freezer, washing machine, cooker, microwave, dishwasher, and so on. Ask your landlord if the apartment is equipped with white goods. Secondly, inspect the goods and inform your landlord regarding the working conditions of the present items. Seek clarification if he/she agrees to repair or replace the items in case of break down later. Image Source -designaffairs.com

Who will repaint the walls before you move in?

If you wish for specific tasks to be done before you move in like cleaning the apartment or repainting the walls, mention it clearly to your landlord. If you have any particular requirement, ask for it, agree upon it, and complete it before you transfer the money.

Advance payment and tenancy agreement

Generally, the landlord will ask for one month's rent in advance, some may not ask at all, or some may ask for more than a month. So keep the amount handy. Also, read the tenancy agreement thoroughly before you agree and sign in.



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