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alisha | 25 Sep 2021

What Do Lucknowis Prefer When Buying A Home?

What Do Lucknowis Prefer When Buying A Home?

Real estate undoubtedly is one of the most beneficial and feasible investment options. It is both a great source of income and a valuable asset with long-term benefits for people living all around the world. Likewise, keeping in view the market of Lucknow in terms of real estate investment, people look forward to buying and acquiring real estate assets and passing them down to their upcoming generations. A real estate property is also famously a part of retirement planning in the region. The capital of Uttar Pradesh is a magnificent city to live in and for investment in real estate. Thus, it is important to learn about the ways, aspirations, and lifestyles of the Lucknowis.

Lucknow as the capital city of Uttar Pradesh is a place where culture and grace are a part of everyday life. Lucknowis talk with respect and decency with each other. The peaceful city sets a true example of unity in diversity as well. It is counted among India's happiest cities. Hence, buying real estate properties for Lucknowis comes with proper points. Learn about them:

1. Property type

The availability of variety in property makes Lucknow an attractive city for real estate investments. Be it land, semi-furnished, fully furnished, or unfurnished homes, the people of Lucknow are keen to buy every type of property, depending on their needs. The eminent real estate developers are eyeing big on Lucknow as the city is undergoing promising growth with immense scope in the real estate sector. They have been building world-class properties. Hence, finding the property of your choice will never be a problem in the city.

2. Credible brands in the real estate sector

Besides the well-planned projects, the credibility of the brands that have undertaken the construction of projects also matters to the buyers in real estate. The key aspects such as integrity, quality, transparency, timely delivery, documentation, and smooth transactions are carefully observed by the people in Lucknow. Sahu Land Developers, Excella Group, Rishita Developers, Kiara Lifespaces, and Eiffel Infra Developers are some of the best performing real estate developers that have time and again lived up to the expectations of the Lucknowis and upgraded their living standards.

3. Location benefits

Learning about the significant areas of Lucknow means already in the right direction of winning hearts of the Lucknowis. The right location fulfils almost all the needs. Factors such as safety, connectivity, and proximity to important places are on top while considering the property's location. Mastemau, Sushant Golf City, and Sultanpur Road are some of the best locations to live in Lucknow. These places are in proximity to IT City, hospitals, International Cricket Stadium, Wave Mall, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow railway station, and airport.

4. Price of the property

Whether it's affordable, mid-segment or high-end properties; name it and Lucknowis are open to all types of property choices.

  • In terms of trending real estate projects in affordable segment, Sahu City with 1 & 2 BHK flats in Kabirpur, Sultanpur Road starts at ₹19.21 Lacs* and Excella Kutumb near HCL IT City, Sultanpur Road with 2 & 3 BHK apartments at ₹29.25 Lacs*.
  • The best ones under the category of mid-segment are Kiara Residency in Sushant Golf City, Lucknow with 2 BHK apartments of various sizes at ₹40.73 Lacs* and Rishita Mulberry Heights Phase 4 in Sector-C Pocket-7 Ansal API, Sushant Golf City with 2 BHK Homes at ₹57.1 Lacs*.
  • For buyers who wish to explore high-end luxury living can take a look at Eiffel Vivassa Estate Phase 2 offering 4 BHK apartments at ₹1.18 Cr* and Rishita Manhattan at ₹1.19 Cr* for 4 BHK Homes.

    The overall cost of living in Lucknow is affordable

  • Living in tier 1 and metro cities in India provides maximum benefits but at the same time comes with a lot of expenses. Moreover, one cannot cut down on expenses as the cost of living in A1 cities is high. However, living in a tier 2 city like Lucknow allows saving and people can live the life of their choice within the budget. With the support of governmental schemes like Smart Cities Mission to upgrade smaller Indian cities, middle-class people no more require to move to metros in search of career opportunities and a better standard of living. People can now find similar or almost the same level of facilities in smaller cities. Lucknow in the past couple of years has undergone immense development without losing its cultural charm. The ease of living, job opportunities, and other facilities have grown in the city while the affordable cost of living continues to remain the same.
  • Along with the infrastructural development of the city grew the landscape of the real estate sector. At present, real estate developers have a lot to offer in terms of property. Ranging from residential plots, flats, villas, bungalows, to commercial properties, explore Lucknow and find everything. You are likely to find even the unexpected sides of real estate.
  • The other advantage of living in Lucknow is the capital city is linked to five major highways, namely Lucknow Kanpur Road, Lucknow Raibareli Road, Lucknow Faizabad Road, Lucknow Sultanpur Road, and Lucknow Dewa Road. You can find all sorts of developments and facilities such as 24x7 water and electricity supply, schools, colleges, markets, banks, shopping malls, and more in the areas located close to these highways.
  • Some of the latest infrastructural developments in Lucknow that made headlines include Lucknow Metro Rail Project and Gomti River Front Development.

  • Get ready to explore Lucknow, buy your dream home in the city, and become a proud Lucknowi!


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