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21 Jun 2021

What Colours Go With The Gray Decor

What Colours Go With The Gray Decor

Have fun with your gray decor by adding other colours. 

Image Source - www.sophierobinson.co.uk

Blue goes well with gray

Gray and blue make a vibrant palette. Such a colour combo would instantly give a fun mood to any room. Image Source - homedecorbliss.com​

Gray and lime

In a simple and sober gray decor, how about introducing some brightness? Lime is one bright pop of colour we suggest you to brighten up the room. Image Source - i.pinimg.com​

Gray and blush pink

A fine balance of gray and blush pink is all you need for a romantic vibe in a room. Image Source - home-designing.com​

Gray and green

The presence of greenery in a gray decor creates a calm atmosphere where one is bound to experience sound sleep. Image Source - www.jossandmain.com​ 



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