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16 Apr 2021

Wellness Is A Major Concern In Home Design In 2021

Wellness Is A Major Concern In Home Design In 2021

If there is one thing that the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s that we stay safe and spend more time indoors. When spending time at home, people are concerned about what's works for them to stay healthy. Find out what's trending in home design post the outbreak of Covid-19. Image Source - htarchitects.com

Hands-free smart technology

Considering the deadly spread of coronavirus with the touch of each other, hands-free technology has started gaining importance. Smart home devices such as touchless faucets were earlier seen as a luxury item. However, pandemic changed the people's mindset. Along with the use of soap and sanitizer, a touchless faucet ensures reduction of germs and avoids its spread. Image Source - crov.com

A gym at home

Gyms and other fitness studios were closed during the lockdown last year. Even if they have begun to open classes, it is not safe to immediately join back. To continue with your fitness regime at home is indeed possible. Making space for a gym at home is gradually catching up with the trend in home design. All you have to do is invest in fitness equipment. Image Source - hearstapps.com

A check on indoor air quality

With the growing concern of wellness, indoor air quality is treated as important as the interior style and beauty in home designs. People are spending more time indoors these days. Hence, it is imperative to maintain good air quality at home. Non-toxic paints, air purifiers, and a proper air ventilation system are emerging popular and high in demand. Image Source - mann-hummel.com 

Introduce nature to your home interiors

Green plants at home were earlier preferred by only those people who love gardening or fond of keeping nature elements as decor items. Currently, it has become mainstream as many are aware of numerous benefits of adding greenery to the home design. Image Source - bhg.com



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