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22 May 2021

Walk-In Pantry Ideas To Expand Your Kitchen Space

Walk-In Pantry Ideas To Expand Your Kitchen Space

Spot the walk-in pantry design idea for your kitchen from the list. 

Image Source - www.californiaclosets.com

Shelves of all sizes

Having shelves of all sizes in the kitchen pantry will let your conveniently accommodate food items, jars, baskets, cookware, appliances, tableware, and more. Image Source - decoratedlife.com​

A walk-in pantry with a sink

You often need to wash your hands or other items while arranging the kitchen pantry. In that case, why not make use of your spacious pantry and build a sink in it? Image Source - www.toulmincabinetry.com​

Add windows to your pantry

A walk-in kitchen pantry is normally a compact room filled with food items. Hence, one may feel claustrophobic and avoid spending extra time. Adding a window or two can instantly transform the compact space into an inviting one. A window will also allow natural source of light to flow in the pantry. Image Source - www.houzz.com​

A ladder in the pantry

A ladder ties all the shelves together. With a ladder, you can single-handedly manage the pantry. Image Source - anchordeco.com



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