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Ipsa Rai | 22 Mar 2023

UIDAI Self-Service Portal’s Aadhaar Mitra: Chatbot’s Benefits, Steps To Use

UIDAI Self-Service Portal’s Aadhaar Mitra: Chatbot’s Benefits, Steps To Use

Table of Content:

  1. UIDAI Self Service Portal #1: What is Aadhaar Mitra?
  2. UIDAI Self Service Portal #2: Aadhaar Mitra On UIDAI Service Portal: Benefits
  3. UIDAI Self Service Portal #3: Steps To Use Aadhaar Mitra ON UIDAI Portal

The UIDAI self service portal has introduced a new AI/ML-driven chatbot service called "Aadhaar Mitra" to assist citizens with Aadhaar-related issues and questions. As per an official tweet from the UIDAI in February 2023, individuals will be able to use the AI-powered chatbot to check the status of their Aadhaar enrollment, track the status of their Aadhaar PVC card, and receive information on enrollment centres.

The responses provided by Aadhaar Mitra are prompt and automated. You can access the feature by navigating to the bottom right-hand corner of the UIDAI online portal. Currently, the bot is available in Hindi and English.

The Aadhaar Mitra chatbot streamlines the process of checking the status of an update simply by entering a user's pincode and will be directed to the nearest Aadhaar enrollment centre. The bot accessible through the UIDAI self service portal also provides guidance to users on what to do in the event that they misplace their Aadhaar card. It also includes instructions on how to access your e-Aadhaar card online.

Let's dive deep into the nature of Aadhaar Mitra via UIDAI online portal and how it can be used to answer any questions you could have about the Aadhaar system.

What is Aadhaar Mitra?

Aadhaar Mitra, UIDAI's new chatbot, is a powerful grievance redressal mechanism that can be accessed through the UIDAI self service portal (www.uidai.gov.in). 

The purpose of the chatbot is to improve the user's experience on the website and to provide answers to common questions about Aadhaar, such as where to find an Aadhaar Center, how to verify the status of enrollment or update, when to expect a PVC card order, how to file a complaint, how to check the status of a complaint, where to find an enrolment centre, how to schedule an appointment, and how to incorporate a video frame into the conversation. 

There are currently English and Hindi versions of the AI chatbot on the aadhaar online portal.

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Aadhaar Mitra On UIDAI Service Portal: Benefits

  • You can use the Aadhaar Chatbot to find the nearest enrolment centre

  • Check the status of your Aadhaar enrolment or update

  • Find out when your PVC card will arrive, lodge a complaint, and learn the status of your complaint. 

  • In addition to text responses, the chatbot on UIDAI online portal also offers the option to watch relevant videos.

  • UIDAI claims that the chatbot is simultaneously being taught about the newest Aadhaar capabilities and improvements.

Steps To Use Aadhaar Mitra ON UIDAI Portal

  • Please visit the UIDAI self service portal : https://uidai.gov.in/ to use the Aadhaar Mitra chatbot. The 'Aadhaar Mitra' box will be blinking at the bottom right of the homepage.

  • If you click the box, a chatbot will launch. A conversation starter from the chatbot on the aadhaar card’s online portal would go something like this: Hi, I am your My Aadhaar Mitra. How May I help you!! Ask me anything about Aadhaar. 

  • Choose "Get Started".

  • A message pop-up will appear saying: Greetings!! Please enter your query in the text field below and click on the 'Send' button. Put your question into the search bar and hit enter to submit your request. The response will come from the chatbot. Alternatively, you can use the "recommended query" link up top.

There is also a Like/Dislike button next to each response made by the Aadhaar Chatbot. Then, when the session is over, one can rate it out of five stars by closing the window (on a scale of 1 to 5). Residents can provide feedback, which will be collected and properly reviewed on a periodic basis by the UIDAI online portal.


The introduction of Open AI's ChatGPT has given chatbots a more positive image than the one they previously occupied in the public consciousness. In order to provide a higher level of service to its customers, the UIDAI self service portal’s chatbot has also been programmed to respond to questions frequently raised by residents and is geared toward enhancing their overall experience.


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