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03 Jan 2019

Turn An Ordinary Bookshelf Into An Eye-Catching Display

Turn An Ordinary Bookshelf Into An Eye-Catching Display

Creating a stylish bookshelf to stash your books is gaining popularity as it adds a personalized touch to your home. Here are some simple ideas on how you can turn your bookshelf from average to awesome!

Organize books by color

Give your bookshelves extra-polished looks by arranging books by color. Look for a rainbow pattern or an ombré look. This color-blocking books will work for those readers also who tend to associate certain books with their covers. Image Source - i.pinimg.com

Add decorative objects

Start styling bookshelf by using decorative objects like a beautiful plate, bowl or even an old typewriter. Therefore, don’t be afraid to introduce decorative objects for your shelf styling. Image Source - amara.com

Decorate with plants on shelves

The easiest way to give your bookshelf a stylish makeover is to pop an indoor plant in it. The bookshelf is the perfect platform to showcase beautiful plants. Also, you can incorporate artificial plants for the same visual impact. Image Source - magnolia.com

Display your artwork

You can incorporate artwork into your bookshelf. You can prop a few picture frames on the shelves and even hang large-scale art on the shelves. The effect of using artwork will be undeniably statement-making. Image Source - architecturaldigest.com

Avoid overstuffing

It is not necessary to fill every square inch of your bookshelf. In fact, keeping it minimum and highlighting just a few small decorative pieces can be best for the bookshelf. Image Source - rd.com



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