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Simar Nagi | 08 Dec 2022

Trouble Getting a Property on Rent Because you Are a Single Woman?

Trouble Getting a Property on Rent Because you Are a Single Woman?

There's a big probability that if you are a woman who is looking for a property to rent, you must have had hundreds of encounters and offers by now from different developers. With the growth witnessed in the urban areas of India, many single working women and students have started migrating to different parts of the cities. The days of women taking care of the home are far left behind; today, women are exceedingly career-oriented. And why not? If males have a right to focus on their dreams and become independent, why should females be left behind?  

In fact, many people believe that bachelorhood is the best phase of life where one has to not worry about starting a family, child's education, partner's need or anything. Nevertheless, suppose you are a bachelor, a divorced student, or a single woman who is willing to prioritise your career and move to a different part of the world. In that case, the one biggest issue you will encounter is renting a flat. Being single, you already have other target sets; you don't need to worry about a roof over your head but focus on how to be strong, independent, and the best version of yourself that you always expected from yourself. 

Women looking for an apartment to rent should always keep the security and safety aspect as their priority on the checklist. When you plan to look for property to rent with the developer, avoid going alone for the first time. 

Challenges faced by single women looking for a property for rent 

1. Interrogation 

For every woman looking for a property to rent, finding a flat is a big nightmare. Most questions asked by landlords drive you crazy, and you go like, ‘God! Why God, Why? Why am I single?’ In many cases, landlords ask directly whether or not you have a boyfriend. If you say 'YES,' then the warning starts right away. You are not allowed to bring a boy into the flat, host late-night parties, or come back late.

2. Uh-Oh! If you eat non-veg, you are not eligible. 

As soon as the landlord hears that you are a single woman who is going to cook non-veg on their property, your chances of getting an apartment on rent just blow away. Yes, it is ridiculous but true in many scenarios. Suppose you're thinking about lying about the fact that you relish non-veg often. Do you really think your problem will be solved? But no, my friend, many landlords have a tendency to perform a background check on your family just to know whether or not you eat non-veg or not. 

3. Singles create disruptions 

Yet another common bias found among the landlords is their mentality to think that single women looking for a property to rent will listen to loud music or stay up late at night watching shows, which will create a problem for people in society. That's another reason why partying on the terrace is strictly not allowed at some places. 

Apart from these reasons mentioned above, you will also see some landlords who are way too particular and demand stability. You are free as a bird if you are new and about to begin your career. If you are getting a better opportunity where there is growth, you would rather shift there and go there; you might also have to vacant the property before time. So, for this reason, it becomes difficult for single women to get an apartment for rent. 

Women facing this constant nagging are one concern: they can never know what to do next. But certainly, there are other factors that women notice and can do something about it when looking for a property to rent. 

Security measures to take when looking for a property on rent

As a woman, play your part and look at a few things before deciding to finalise an apartment for rent. 

1. Research on location

Single women looking for a property on rent must ensure the security of their stay. If you wish to cut down on expenses, you must choose to look for affordable or cheap accommodation. But the reality is many times cheap accommodation is present in bad localities. So it is better to do your own research rather than rely on a real estate developer. While researching, you will also get to know about the crime rate in that locality before you take the plunge. Also, being an independent woman, you should ensure that all the facilities are available and in good condition. Supermarkets, hospitals, gyms and ATMs should be within your reach. To access its connectivity go for a walk with your friend or family to ensure the location and whether or not it's safe. 

2. Do a background check on the landlord 

If landlords can perform background checks to know whether or not you eat non-veg, why can't you perform a background check on the landlord for your own safety? Also, ensure that your landlord does not have a history of criminal activity. If possible, ask previous tenants about the landlord. A bad record is not good for women looking for an apartment for rent. 

3. Get to know your neighbours. 

Single women looking for a property on rent should ensure that the locality is good and people looking in that locality are also good. So try to interact with your prospective neighbours before you finalise a space. This is a perfect way, where you will get to know a lot of details about life in that locality and its safety. 

4. Avoid social media check-ins.

It might be silly, but it's better to avoid doing check-ins during the initial period. For single women looking for a property to rent, check-ins can be quite dangerous. Fun check-ins are not an appropriate choice when you take the first step of your career and shift to a new city. But you can call your friends frequently at your place so that it looks like you are living with your family. 

5. Trust your instincts

If you have a gut feeling from the first meeting itself that the place is not giving you a good vibe, then don't just sit around and wait. Trust your instincts and don't become prey to the nagging real estate developers and settle in that place. 

Precautions every woman should take before shifting to a new property on rent. 

It would be wise to change the locks if they are not working properly. If you choose a room on the ground or first floor, ensure that the windows have grills. These may be basic precautions, but many times we tend to avoid them and later regret them.

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