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13 Aug 2021

Tips To Remove Scratches From Plastic Decor Items

Tips To Remove Scratches From Plastic Decor Items

Remove scratches from your plastic dishes, furniture, and accessories. 

Image Source - www.vox.com​

The first tip

It is always advisable to treat scratches when small. Removing them when they become deeper is a difficult task. Image Source - www.thespruce.com​

Begin with the least abrasive cleaning agents

If the scratches can be removed with the least abrasive cleaning agents, that's all well and good. Begin with household items like toothpaste or baking soda. Image Source - www.realsimple.com​

Solution for deeper scratches

A micro-grit paper is appropriate for removing scratches from plastic items. Use sandpaper that has been soaked in a bowl of water. Image Source - www.winnsservices.co.uk​

How to restore the shine of a plastic item

The surface of a plastic item often looks dull after having removed the scratches. To restore the shine, use a commercial plastic polishing compound. Image Source - www.autoguide.com​



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