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26 Jul 2021

Tips To Make Your Living Room Kid-Friendly

Tips To Make Your Living Room Kid-Friendly

Keep your kids in mind while decorating the living room. 

Image Source - newdarlings.com

Open layout

Try to place the sofas and other seating arrangements close to windows and walls so that the centre of the living room feels open for your kids to easily move around. Image Source - refreshrestyle.com​

Harmless furniture

Avoid the placement of furniture that has sharp edges. A round centre table would be the safest choice considering your kids. Image Source - novocom.top​

A shelf for the little ones

Adding a shelf in the living room with toys and books will not only keep your little ones engaged but will enhance the decor as well. Image Source - www.scarymommy.com​

Extra seating

Invest in floor cushions and ottomans for the comfort of your kids as well as extra seating in the living room. Image Source - amazon.com​



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