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15 Oct 2020

Tips To Make Your Home Navratri Celebration Ready

Tips To Make Your Home Navratri Celebration Ready

The arrival of Autumn in India means to soak in the spirit of festivity, and it begins with the celebration of Navratri meaning nine-nights and worshipping of the Goddess “Maa Durga”. Follow our tips on how to decorate your home for Navratri, and welcome Maa Durga with a joyful decor and devotion. May Maa Durga's blessings be upon you all. Image Source - secureservercdn.net

Ensure that everything at your home is spick and span

The primary step is to clean your home thoroughly as a popular phrase says "Cleanliness is next to Godliness". Get rid of the cobwebs and dust wherever you see them accumulated. Vacuum your rugs and carpets as well as wash the curtains and cushion covers. Paint walls with vibrant colours to make sure that your interiors look bright and beautiful. Image Source - bergerpaints.com

Welcome Navratri with decorative flowers and hangings at your home

Fill your home with the fragrance of flowers. Deck up the entrance door with a traditional hanging made of marigold flowers. Adorn the windows and other areas of your home with decorative flowers and bells. Using Navratri special torans is also considered auspicious. You can find a variety of torans with mirror work, pearl beads, and leaves. Image Source - rukminim1.flixcart.com

Beautify the floor with the art of Rangoli

It is quite common to decorate the floor with rangoli art during Navratri and other festivals in India. Rangoli also has a religious significance of providing strength, and good luck to the family. Hence, we highly recommend you to at least dedicate one portion of your home floor with rangoli decor. Image Source - i.ytimg.com

Incorporate diyas in your Navratri decor

Earthen lamps, commonly known as diyas are an important religious decor item and symbol. Diyas make your home more beautiful and graceful, especially during evening prayers. Incorporate fancy diyas that are easily available in the market these days or you can even make them more appealing by placing around flowers and rangoli. Image Source - media.designcafe.com



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