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05 Apr 2019

Tips To Design Around Your Mounted TV

Tips To Design Around Your Mounted TV

If you have a mounted TV in your living space and you have no idea how to decorate around your tv, don’t worry! Flat-screen TVs are still tricky to design around—but - there are many ways you can make your TV wall look like a part of your décor. Check outcome tips for decorating around the TV and incorporate it into decor:

Frame Your TV With Colourful Books

People are now paying thousands to for bookshelf but there is one spot which allows you to have extra storage as well as a unique place to display your favourite books. Yes, you can surround your flat-screen TV  with colourful books. A built-in bookcase is a great space to show off your books. Image Source -  fairquark.com

Create a Gallery Wall

There's nothing wrong in making your TV a part of a gallery wall by surrounding it with framed art. Whether you have an old framed art or use your family photo frames, it’s a great way to decorate around the TV.

Use Wall Decals

Using beautiful wall decals will add interest to the wall on which a flat-screen TV is mounted.  Though it is a non-permanent solution but a great idea for renters because these wall decals can be removed easily without damaging the wall. The design for wall decals you pick should not compete with your TV.

Hide It Behind A Framed Prints

If your TV is rarely used, there is one way to decorate your mounted TV is to hide it completely. Hide it with a wall-mounted TV cabinet with shutter doors that you can shut anytime or you can mount identically framed pictures onto panels.  This is a great idea if you have gatherings that don't involve watching cricket or Netflix.

Use Built-Ins

Another neat trick for decorating around your TV is to use built-ins. Yes, if your house is blessed with built-ins, use them to decorate around your TV.  Fill your built-ins with beautiful accessories that draw attention away from your TV when it’s not in use.  



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