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15 Jun 2021

Tips To Clean Your Favourite Wood Furniture

Tips To Clean Your Favourite Wood Furniture

It's easy to clean and take care of your wood furniture. 

Image Source - www.hgtv.com​

Basics of wood furniture cleaning

Leaving the food and drink spills for many hours can darken the wood or make it cloudy. Hence, clean the spills immediately. Dusting must be carried out at least once a week. Using the furniture polish once a month for cleaning and polishing purposes would be sufficient. Image Source - www.architectureartdesigns.com ​

How to deep clean wood furniture

Strong chemicals on wood can be harsh at times. Therefore, always start the deep cleaning process with a gentle method. Black tea is an appropriate mild solution. Try the stronger methods only if needed and make sure to wear gloves. Image Source - helloyellow.leons.ca​

Water rings on wood furniture

Water ring is the most common stain on wood furniture. Wet glasses or cups kept on the wood furniture surface often leaves water rings aka watermarks. If the water ring doesn't go by wiping with a cloth, try olive oil or non-gel toothpaste and rub until the stain disappears. Image Source - www.thriftyfun.com​

Cleaning the wood furniture that was kept in a store for a long time

Wooden furniture kept in a store for a long time is sure to have accumulated a thick layer of dirt. If you wish to reuse it, the simplest cleaning method would be to use a mix of dishwashing liquid and water. A damp cloth is appropriate for cleaning wooden furniture. Hence, dip the cloth in the solution and squeeze it until it turns into a slightly damp cloth. Image Source - www.diynetwork.com​



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