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07 May 2021

Tips To Begin A Zero Waste Lifestyle

Tips To Begin A Zero Waste Lifestyle

With the Covid-19 pandemic hitting our lives hard, the notion of sustainable and zero-waste living has picked up the momentum once again. Let's get started with a few important ways and learn to generate as little waste as possible. Image Source - s.yimg.com

Avoid takeaway cups and containers

The regular use of single-use items such as takeaway cups and containers generates a lot of waste and therefore, harmful to the Earth. If your lifestyle includes a takeaway cup for coffee while heading to work or a takeaway container for lunch regularly, it's time to makes some changes in your habit and start using reusable items. Image Source - mtpak.coffee​

Use food waste for composting

A huge part of the household waste is generated in the kitchen. Almost 50% of the household waste can be reduced by simply learning the art of composting. Peels and grains of vegetables and fruits and other food waste can be used for composting in the garden as they serve as excellent natural fertilisers. Image Source - ​timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Avoid plastic bags as much as you can

Nowadays, grocery shops and supermarkets increasingly hand over the items to the buyers in eco-friendly bags. As you are up for the movement to lower the sufferings of the Earth, ditch the use of plastic bags, and carry a reusable bag whenever you shop. Image Source - timesofindia.indiatimes.com​

Why not cloth masks?

The additional waste that the Covid-19 pandemic has generated worldwide is disposable masks. So, what's the solution? A well-fitting cloth mask can equally protect you from the infection. You can wash and reuse a cloth mask multiple times. Image Source - diatribe.org ​



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