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Shuchi Singh | 07 Jun 2019

Tips For Buying a House in Noida When Relocating - clicbrics

Tips For Buying a House in Noida When Relocating - clicbrics

Rajiv Desai, a 42-year-old, senior marketing Manager, had to relocate from Bengaluru to Noida after he got an excellent job offer. Well, when such an offer is on the table, everything is good except for moving to another city for work. Choosing the right property in Noida is challenging and financially draining things for him.

Are you, just like Rajiv, planning to relocate and buying a house in a new city? It could be the most stressful things for you too, to pick a right relator and buying a home to planning a budget. When you're moving to a new city, a little bit of planning will make the relocating process much easier and bearable. Therefore, before buying affordable property in Noida Extension, here are some tips on relocating and buying a house in a new city. Let’s get started!

Find An Experienced Real Estate Agent

You can save a great deal of your time if you hire a local real estate agent. Select a real estate agent with the right credentials specifically one who is familiar with your new locality, it is pricing, neighborhood, infrastructure, and the property future prospects. An experienced real estate agent will find the best house to buy in Noida. Here are some tips to find a professional real estate agent:
1.    Talk with agent’s current clients.
2.    Check out an agent’s listings online.
3.    Check for license and disciplinary actions or complaints.
4.    Measure the agent’s knowledge of other properties that are available in the area.
5.    Find out how long an agent has been in business.
6.    Ask about professional awards.

Consider Renting First

Moving to a new city is one of the most stressful experiences you can go through. Therefore, consider renting first. Buy home in Noida can be a bigger financial commitment to make and in case if you’re unfamiliar with the area, there is a major risk. Renting before you buy a home gives you a chance to try and check the neighborhood before completely committing to it. You can take help from real estate agent as he can guide you about the property for a rental that suits your needs while you're getting settled. However, before moving in, you must consider the following things to make your stay comfortable:-

1.    Consider the overall cost and set your budget accordingly. Consider other expenses apart from monthly rent such as security deposit-amount paid, advance rent payments, brokerage commission, etc. 

2.    You should find out if your contract contains the clauses that specify the tenure for which you are entitled to stay in the apartment and get to know about the period after which your landlord may ask for a price hike.

3.    In many rental agreements, itis mentioned how many days a person can stay at the flat if he/she isn’t on the lease. Therefore, find out the guest policy.

4.    A rent agreement gives you limited rights over the rented flat such as your landlord will respect your privacy and cannot interfere in your personal lifestyle, cannot restrict your parents from coming, and cannot dictate you a time for you to reach home. 

Determine your overall budget

The real estate agents, the bank, the loan officer, the neighbor, they are not going to tell you your affordability, you should know your affordability.

Yes, before you find a house to buy, make sure you know your overall budget first. Therefore before buy property in a new city like Noida, it is important for you to calculate your living expenses and figuring out how much money you need for both the move and the property purchase. Also, research the cost of packing goods, moving services needed and current property prices in the new city. If you require a full service moving company, then you have to pay a hefty amount for an interstate move. If you are buying a home, calculate your savings and monthly income to figure out how much money you can spend on a home. Keep some of the amounts aside in safe custody that will serve you at least three to six months so that it will ease off unnecessary pressure about the expenses in case they happen to exceed your budget. 

Make a visit

Before purchasing a property in a new city, schedule a trip to visit 1 or 2 property in a new city. Watching with your own eyes is the best way to get a fair idea of your new locality connectivity, infrastructure, amenities. Don't settle for it until sure. You can also take your family members along to get a clarity of how this property will be good for everyone in the family. Also, you must check for the in-house layouts, security services, amenities and furnishings that will be available in the property when you move in. Also, make sure that the property you are going to purchase is in good shape when you move in.


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