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28 May 2019

Things You Should Buy Today To Bring Good Luck To Your Home

Things You Should Buy Today To Bring Good Luck To Your Home

Presence of positive energy into your home gives you the power and confidence to achieve success in all areas of your life. When it comes to making your home perfect, we all wish for a place that brings us good luck. There are some proven common household things that can be used to bring good luck into your life. Try a few!

Charmed By Elephants

These large, gentle animals are viewed as wise, caring, protective and loyal, which is part of the reason they're are known to be symbols of good luck. Place a tiny elephant ornament or elephant-shaped cushion, or pottery object in your home to bring good fortune. Adding elephant tapestry or elephant painting on your wall is also a trendy way of adding a feeling of strength in place.

Displaying Fruit Bowl

There is a famous saying that an apple a day will keep the doctor away — and apparently, keeping a bowl of citrus fruits in your home will ward off bad luck, promote good health, bring wealth, and spread positive energy all around. Keep this bowl on your counters to bring good luck to your home.

Lord Ganesha And Maa Lakshmi

In Indian tradition, before beginning any new task, we all tend to seek Lord Ganesha’s blessings. So, good fortune can effortlessly flow into your hands by simply adding a statue of Lord Ganesha and Maa Lakshmi in the house. You can hang Hindu God Ganesha or Maa Lakshmi wall art in your space to bring happiness, prosperity,  tranquillity, and good luck in the house.

Decorating With Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo is known as one of the most widely-recognized good luck charms. Using bamboo in any of the room of a house or garden brings focus, peace, and good fortune. If decorating your home with bamboo can draw more positive energy into your home? Wouldn't you want that?

Hang A Horseshoe!

Around the world, you will find a lot of traditions associated with horseshoes. In fact, many cultures even believe that hanging a horseshoe above the door will bring good luck. Who doesn't want a little extra luck in their lives?

Hang Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are also considered to bring good luck as well as wealth into the home. The best way to use them is to hang them at the entrance of the house. Never hang chimes where you study, eat, work, or sleep as it suppresses the positive energy. So, incorporate these wind chimes in your interiors and bring good luck throughout the year ahead.

Keep A Small Fountain

Bet you didn’t know this but running water attracts good fortune and positivity into the house. And to make it better you can place a small water fountain in the house. Placing a small water fountain in the north direction of the house helps to increase the wealth from all directions.
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