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alisha | 17 Apr 2021

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Home In 2021

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Home In 2021

Buying a home in 2021 is no normal investment move like other years. The world has officially entered the post-Covid era and the struggle to completely eradicate coronavirus continues. All industries are trying to recover the losses and get back their businesses on track. Likewise, real estate in India had its share of slow down and so many projects are pending in terms of construction and sale.

Buyers, on the other hand, have equally suffered. Their budget, savings, and earnings have gone haywire. Buying an asset like real estate property at the moment is going to be full of doubts and beyond their budget. However, the reality isn't as complex as the assumptions. As a homebuyer, take note of a few things when buying a home in 2021.

Plan a safe budget

Once you have allotted the budget for your basic needs, check how much extra money you are left with every month. Attractive offers and discounts are going on for homebuyers. You need to choose a property wisely that will rightly fulfil your needs as well as your family needs. The correct choice will save you from the burden of paying heavily every month and ruin your budget plan. Therefore, plan a safe budget while going through the price and type of properties.

Study the builder

The home buying process begins with the builder or construction company of your choice. Hence, it is important to select one who has a reputation for quality and integrity. Do your homework and make a list of the best names in the industry and region you are planning to buy your dream home. Choose the one that will be most suitable for your budget and other requirements. Most importantly, make sure that the builder is RERA registered.

Drop in home loan rates

One of the biggest advantages of buying a home post-Covid era is the lower rates of home loans. At the same time, developers are offering amazing discounts on a home purchase as well. Home loan rates have fallen to their lowest and it is indeed once in a decade opportunity where real estate investment seems so favourable and affordable.

Pay heed to the location

While a property may seem the best with a list of attractive offers, never overlook the importance of a location. A good location should first ensure your safety and security. Then, evaluate the availability of all your necessities such as medical shops, grocery stores, transportation, etc. Make sure that your residential address is well connected to other parts of the city and it is nearby schools, colleges, hospitals, offices, and banks.

On-time delivery of your home

The reputation of a builder is also examined with his track record of projects being delivered on time. Hence, on-time delivery and possession of the home matter. To ensure no delay in possession along with your hope to save money if staying in a rental place, a ready-to-move-in property is the best deal for you.


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