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alisha | 17 Apr 2021

The Rise Of Women Homebuyers In India

The Rise Of Women Homebuyers In India

Women have been playing a key role in making decisions to run their home and family in the best possible manner for many generations. At the same time, their participation in buying a home remained small-scale. A man as a father, brother, or husband is often seen making financial decisions, especially the real estate investments.​

However, with the changing times, the duties and roles of women are evolving in India. They are increasingly gaining higher education and working in all types of industries. Their financial independence has now empowered them to make bigger decisions in life. Considering the safety and security one always seeks, buying a home is one of the most significant steps and women are now taking charge of it.

The empowerment of women in urban India

Earlier, women in India focused on savings and investments with a keen interest in fixed deposits in banks and buying gold. However, there has been a shift in mindset at present. A growing segment of homebuyers in the past few years have been observed as women. Owning an asset in the form of a real estate property provides stability, benefit, and healthy returns.

The rise of females in property buying has drawn attention to the real estate industry, especially those living in urban India. Going beyond the tradition of just being a decision-maker at home, women are today a significant workforce in urban regions across the country. Their skills and contribution have enabled them to earn so much that they are buying properties costing them lakhs and crores.

The credit also goes to the government, financial institutions, and developers that have time and again made efforts to encourage women to invest in real estate. The advantage of being a woman homebuyer in India include increased home loan eligibility, home loans at a lower rate, partial waiver on stamp duty, and so on.

Millennial women on the forefront when it comes to real estate investment

Millennial women are progressive and job-oriented. Hence, this segment in property buying is on the rise. As per the latest reports, millennial women between the age group of 25-35 years make 47 percent of women home buyers. On the other hand, women falling in the age group of 35-45 years contribute to 41 percent.​

While selecting a property, female homebuyers look for holistic living and an address that can fulfil their multiple needs. Safety and community living are other aspects equally important to them. Thus, they prefer integrated townships where they get their dream home, comfort, the availability of daily essentials, amenities for fitness & entertainment, etc.

One more aspect of holistic living that the women homebuyers look for is the proximity of their workplace from home. A residential project that enables them to travel less to reach the office or even offers a walk-to-work option remains on top priority. Integrated townships are not only close to the workplace but located near schools, colleges, hospitals, malls, banks, and markets.


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